Considering Dental Implants in Mexico? Read This First

Don’t let missing teeth mess up your quality of life anymore. Learn about the pros and cons of getting dental implants in Mexico to make an informed decision!

Foreign travel got easier, thanks to globalization! Especially for patients trying to escape the sky-high dental and medical bills in their home country. In the background, medical and dental expenses are exorbitant in developed nations like the United States and Canada. And hence, patients cross borders seeking affordable costs and quality treatment abroad. According to Patients Beyond Borders, nearly 1.2 million Americans traveled to Mexico for treatment. Dentistry, along with elective surgeries, stands among the best-picked specialties. Other countries like Costa Rica, Turkey, India, and Thailand also emerged as the top choices for dental procedures. However, Mexico is the best preferred by Americans seeking dental care mainly due to its proximity.  

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that nearly 1 in 5, aged 65 and above, have lost almost all teeth. Teeth loss deteriorates the quality of life by making chewing and speaking difficult. While dental implants are a lifetime solution for teeth loss, their costs are expensive in the States. Further, dental appointments often come with long wait times in the States. Rather than waiting in pain and discomfort, aged Americans opt to drive to the border cities of Mexico, such as Los Algodones or Tijuana. Others choose popular tourist destinations like Playa del Carmen and Cancun to combine their dental trip with a memorable travel experience.  

Dental implants in Mexico have costs that are significantly lower than those found stateside. The reasonable dental implants in Mexico cost offer substantial monetary benefits to Americans. For example, a single dental implant in Mexico costs as little as $1,500 compared to around $5,000 in the States. This continues for other popular implants as well. The cost of 4 on 1 dental implants in Mexico is around $8,000- a stark contrast to much higher rates charged at the Stateside dental offices. Choosing Mexican implants is particularly beneficial for uninsured or underinsured Americans. They can still save a good amount even after considering travel and other miscellaneous expenses.

While cost savings are often talked about, it is crucial not to overlook the quality of Mexican dental implants. Dental tourists also benefit from access to quality dental care and overall treatment experience. Many Mexican dental clinics are state-of-the-art equipped and provide higher standards of dental care.  Either they hire or are managed by qualified and certified dental specialists. Moreover, many Mexican dentists are trained at United States universities and provide more or less the same amount of care as stateside dentists.  

The other pleasant benefit of a Mexican dental trip is the opportunity to enjoy an extended stay in a warm climate. Taking time off from the routine hustle and exploring nearby tourist spots adds a leisurely aspect. Owing to all these, dental implants in Mexico became an increasingly popular choice among American patients.

However, dental tourists should take note of several factors when seeking dental implants in Mexico. Finding a qualified dentist and reliable dental facility in Mexico is challenging, especially when patients also have to consider effective follow-up care. More importantly, the procedure of getting dental implants involves a simple surgery. Precision and accuracy are essential for dental implant success, and when done incorrectly, they can result in implant failure or infections. 

However, patients can expect safer results by relying on qualified dentists and dental clinics accredited by regulatory bodies.  Approaching the best dentist in Mexico for implants is possible with thorough research and verification of clinic certifications before opting for the treatment. Platforms like Envoy Health simplify the decision-making process for dental tourists by allowing patients to locate the right dentists for a range of dental specialties.  

Sanamdeep Singh, CEO of Envoy Health, emphasizes, “Lengthy queues, expenses, or limited options should not hinder access to top-tier medical services.” 

Dental Impants in Mexico

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