Long Island Estate Planning Attorney Seth Schlessel Releases Insightful Article Comparing Irrevocable Trusts and Life Estates

Long Island Estate Planning Attorney Seth Schlessel Releases Insightful Article Comparing Irrevocable Trusts and Life Estates

Long Island estate planning attorney Seth Schlessel (https://www.schlessellaw.com/pros-and-cons-of-irrevocable-trust-vs-a-life-estate/), of Schlessel Law, PLLC, has recently published an informative article that sheds light on the differences between irrevocable trusts and life estates. This article is a must-read for anyone involved in estate planning, providing clear explanations and guidance on these two crucial legal instruments.

The article by the Long Island estate planning attorney describes the intricate details and functionalities of both irrevocable trusts and life estates, two strategies commonly used in estate planning to ensure assets are handled according to the wishes of the grantor. Schlessel’s piece serves as a valuable resource for understanding how each option can be tailored to meet individual financial and familial circumstances.

Long Island estate planning attorney Seth Schlessel explains, “Choosing the right estate planning tool is essential for achieving your desired outcomes for asset protection and beneficiary provision. Both irrevocable trusts and life estates offer unique benefits and limitations, making it important to carefully consider which option aligns best with your goals.”

The article begins by outlining what an irrevocable trust is and how it differs from a revocable trust. It highlights the protective measures an irrevocable trust offers, such as asset protection from creditors and tax benefits. Conversely, life estates are described as a means to manage property ownership during the grantor’s lifetime, transferring home ownership directly to a remainderman upon the grantor’s death without the need for probate.

However, Schlessel emphasizes that both options have their drawbacks. For instance, life estates can restrict the grantor’s ability to sell or mortgage the property without consent from the remainderman, potentially leading to complicated family dynamics. On the other hand, while irrevocable trusts offer greater control and protection, they require the grantor to relinquish certain rights over their assets.

The article also discusses the implications of each option on taxes and eligibility for government benefits like Medicaid, which are critical considerations for many individuals engaging in estate planning.

Reflecting on the importance of professional guidance, Schlessel notes, “Navigating complex matters in estate planning requires a knowledgeable approach tailored to your specific needs. Professional legal advice is invaluable in helping you choose between an irrevocable trust and a life estate, ensuring that your assets are secured and your wishes are honored.”

For those considering their estate planning options, this article is a comprehensive guide that illuminates the path toward making informed decisions. It encourages readers to consult with a qualified attorney to discuss their unique situations.

To further assist in understanding and choosing the right estate planning tool, Schlessel Law, PLLC continues to offer personalized legal consultations that focus on the individual goals and circumstances of their clients.


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