Discover the Extraordinary Journey of a Young Marine in Vietnam in David G. Duchesneau’s ‘Uniforms: (Revised Edition)’

Discover the Extraordinary Journey of a Young Marine in Vietnam in David G. Duchesneau’s ‘Uniforms: (Revised Edition)’

Jun 3, 2024 – David G. Duchesneau is proud to announce the release of his compelling memoir, ‘Uniforms: (Revised Edition)’. This deeply personal narrative chronicles the profound journey of a young boy growing up in New England who becomes a Marine and serves in the Vietnam War. Uniforms offers readers an intimate look at the life of a Marine, from the strict discipline of parochial school to the brutal realities of combat in Vietnam.

Duchesneau’s story begins in a small New England town, where he attended a parochial school run by nuns. These early experiences of discipline, faith, and rigorous education laid the foundation for his future. As a teenager, Duchesneau joined a drum and bugle corps, immersing himself in a forgotten tradition that provided him camaraderie, musical education, and a sense of purpose.

Uniforms then takes readers to Vietnam, where Duchesneau served two tours of duty from 1969 to 1970. His firsthand accounts provide an unflinching look at the horrors and heroism of combat in Quang Tri Province and south of Da Nang. Duchesneau’s recollections are both graphic and poignant, offering a vivid depiction of the camaraderie among soldiers and the war’s profound impact on their lives.

After returning from Vietnam and being honorably discharged as a Sergeant, Duchesneau continued to serve his community by joining the Rochester Fire Department and later the New Hampshire State Police. His dedication to public service and his career as an international investigator and fraud consultant underscore the values of discipline and integrity instilled in him from an early age.

Uniforms: (Revised Edition)’ is more than a memoir; it is a tribute to the countless individuals who have worn uniforms, whether in school, in a drum corps, or the military. Duchesneau’s story speaks to the resilience of the human spirit and the enduring bonds forged in the crucible of shared experience.

Uniforms is available now at major book retailers and online platforms.

About the Author

After being honorably discharged as a Sergeant from the US Marine Corps in 1970, David returned home to New Hampshire, where he currently resides. In November of 1970, he continued wearing UNIFORMS as David joined the call force of the Rochester Fire Department. In 1971, he was appointed into the NH State Police. He earned a degree in Criminology from St. Anselm’s College. During his tenure, he was selected to represent New England in a special 13-week intense training course at the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia.

After his law enforcement career, David opened a Private Investigative/Security Agency and Consulting Firm. He is certified as an International Investigator and Fraud Consultant. His v investigative/security experience and knowledge is second to none. He is qualified as an Expert Witness and has written numerous articles on how to conduct investigations and Security Audits in the private sector.

David is a Disabled Veteran & Cancer Survivor, a proud member of the NH Retired Law Enforcement Association (Life Member), Veterans of Foreign Wars( VFW) (Life Member), The American Legion (Life Member), Marine Corps Association, Marine Corps League, ASIS (American Society for Industrial Security) International, CII (Council of International Investigators), INTELLENET, the NRA, Hospice Volunteer in the Veteran –to- Veteran Program and Bugles Across America.

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