Hino Gas Announces Exclusive Propane AutoGas Solution for Fleet Vehicles in the Rio Grande Valley

Hino Gas Announces Exclusive Propane AutoGas Solution for Fleet Vehicles in the Rio Grande Valley

Harlingen, TX – Hino Gas, a cornerstone of the Rio Grande Valley’s energy sector since 1963, proudly announces the expansion of its Propane AutoGas offerings, positioning itself as the exclusive supplier for fleet vehicles across the RGV. This strategic move underlines Hino Gas’s commitment to providing environmentally friendly, cost-effective fuel solutions, tailored specifically for fleet use.

Hino Gas

A Trailblazer in Propane Delivery

Since its inception over five decades ago, Hino Gas has been synonymous with reliability and integrity, serving both residential and commercial customers with unparalleled service. The introduction of Propane AutoGas for fleets marks a significant step forward in their mission to innovate while supporting sustainable energy solutions.

Propane AutoGas: The Smart Choice for Fleets

Propane AutoGas presents a myriad of benefits for fleet operators, notably its lower cost per gallon compared to gasoline and its reduced environmental impact. Vehicles running on Propane AutoGas emit less greenhouse gases, less nitrogen oxide, and less carbon monoxide than those using traditional fuels.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Cost Efficiency: Substantial savings on fuel costs and maintenance over time.

  • Environmental Stewardship: Lower emissions contribute significantly to achieving sustainability goals.

  • Enhanced Performance: Propane powered engines deliver comparable power, acceleration, and cruising speed as their gasoline counterparts.

Additional Services Offered:

  • Customized Installation: Tailored Propane AutoGas systems for different fleet sizes and vehicle types.

  • Customer Service: Dedicated support team to assist with queries and ensure seamless operations.

Commitment to the Community

“Hino Gas has always been more than just a propane supplier; we are a community partner,” said Alex, CEO of Hino Gas. “By introducing Propane AutoGas for fleets, we are contributing to a cleaner, greener Rio Grande Valley while helping our local businesses, fleets save money.”

About Hino Gas

Hino Gas is a leading provider of commercial and residential propane services in the Rio Grande Valley. Established in 1963, the company has built a reputation for safety, honesty, and reliability. With a focus on sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions, Hino Gas continues to serve the community with the same zeal and dedication that marked its founding.

The launch of Propane AutoGas for fleets from Hino Gas marks a new chapter in the energy sector of the Rio Grande Valley, one that promises enhanced economic and environmental health. As the exclusive supplier of this cutting-edge fuel option, Hino Gas is set to revolutionize how businesses think about their energy use and impact. Fleet operators are encouraged to contact Hino Gas to learn more about the benefits of switching to Propane AutoGas and to begin the transition to a more sustainable future.

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