NYO3 – Won 9 Monde Awards and It is the only krill oil brand in the world to win the Monde Gold Award

On Saturday, June 1, European time, the 63rd World Food Quality Evaluation Conference – Monde Selection (Monde Award) award ceremony was held in Vienna, Austria. NYO3, a premium dietary nutrition brand from Norway, won the gold award in this year’s Monde Selection (Monde Award). The gold Amundsen krill oil won the highest award in the nutrition and health category of Monde Selection -the Monde Grand Gold Award, which once again demonstrated its ability to lead the industry with its the best quality and excellent taste.


More than 7,000 products were evaluated at the same time, and NYO3 Antaractic krill oil Golden Ultra-boost OMEGA-3 won the Super Gold Award

The Monde selection, as an authoritative organization for consumer product quality evaluation jointly established by the European Community and the Belgian Ministry of commerce in 1961, it has become a measurement for the quality of nutritional diets and health foods. Every year, more than 80 industry experts conduct a comprehensive and extremely scientific review of more than thousands of products submitted by countries around the world in terms of safety, taste, packaging, raw materials, etc. to determine the award. Mr. Louis Poot Baudier, President of the World Quality Evaluation Conference, said: “When consumers see the Monde Selection quality seal, they will be sure that what they choose will be the best product in the same category.”

This year, facing the fierce competition of more than 7,000 global products from all over the world. NYO3 distinguished itself by virtue of its pure quality, exceptional taste, and distinctive product design. Nine of the flagship products, such as NYO3 Ultra-boost Antarctic Krill Oil ANNIVERSARY EDITION, NYO3 Antarctic Krill Oil MUNCH CLASSIC, and powerful liver protection products, received high acclaim from an esteemed panel of international independent expert judges. This accolade not only reflects comprehensive recognition for NYO3’s product formulation, superior quality, and aesthetic design but also acknowledges the scientific research acumen and rigorous production technology upheld by NYO3.

International authoritative organization quality certification  the world’s DOUBLE TOP 1 krill oil brands.

NYO3’s achievements extend far beyond this. In addition to receiving the Grand Golden Award certification, NYO3 has earned the five-star certification of IKOS, the most authoritative third-party krill oil testing organization. It has also obtained the 100% quality qualification certification of the ORIVO testing organization for three consecutive years, demonstrating its rigorous standards for raw materials. Furthermore, according to the official data of Moojing Market Intelligence, NYO3’s cumulative online sales volume in 2023 ranked highest among krill oil brands globally, making it a veritable double TOP 1 brand in the krill oil industry.

Winning the Monte Gold Award this time is a perfect reflection of the brand spirit of NYO3. It is an affirmation of the brand’s spirit of continuous exploration and innovation. In the future, nyo3 will continue to innovate and reform, lead the new global health trend, and jointly open a new era of health.

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