Prepare to be Paw-sitively Touched! “Unlikely Paws” Arrives with a Heartwarming Tale of Friendship

Prepare to be Paw-sitively Touched! "Unlikely Paws" Arrives with a Heartwarming Tale of Friendship

Get ready to melt your heart with a story that celebrates unlikely friendships and the power of acceptance and resilience! Dr. Lisa Lee Geren’s” heartwarming new novel, “Unlikely Paws,” is here, and it promises an unforgettable adventure unlike any other.

The narrative opens with Trigger, a former famous Greyhound racer who could shoot across the track like a fluffy projectile. But after a heartbreaking illness, his racing days come to an end, confined to his kennel, where loneliness fills his heart, and his joyful barks are replaced with sad whimpers.

One moonlit night, an unexpected visitor sneaks through Trigger’s kennel bars. It is not another dog or a grumpy cat, but a skunk named Barbara Jean! Skunk? Yes! Despite her “special scent,” Barbara Jean has a heart as big as a fluffy white cloud. Sensing Trigger’s sadness, she offers a comforting nudge, a message of understanding that transcends spoken words.

And from that night onward, Barbara Jean becomes Trigger’s moonbeam friend. She visits him every night, sharing stories of her mischievous adventures under the twinkling Arkansas sky.  Trigger, in turn, reminisces about his racing days, the wind whipping through his fur and the roar of the cheering crowd. Their friendship fills the empty space in Trigger’s heart, reminding him that life is still full of exciting possibilities.

Motivated by their recently formed friendship, Barbara Jean has an idea! How about we build a racetrack of our own? Why not! Using tenacity and dexterity, Trigger and Barbara create a tiny trail in a sunlit glade using pine needles and leaves. They decorate the finish line with firefly lanterns and the starting line with dew-kissed daisies. And race not for glory but for the joy of being together, two friends pushing each other to be their best.

“Unlikely Paws” is more than just a charming animal story. It is a powerful reminder that true friendship can blossom in the most unexpected places and between unlikely friends. It teaches us the importance of empathy, looking beyond appearances, and the strength that comes from overcoming challenges with empathy and kindness.

With its simple language, touching story, and captivating characters, “Unlikely Paws” will leave you smiling long after the last page is turned. No matter if, you are an animal lover, a child, or even a grown-up who needs a little bit of happiness in their lives, this book can become your companion to remind you of your worth in the most beautiful of ways.

About the author:

For over 30 years, Lisa Lee Geren has juggled family, education, and wildlife rehabilitation. A school principal by day, her home transforms into a haven for injured creatures – raccoons, squirrels, opossums – finding solace under her watchful eye. Driven by a deep respect for nature, she nurtures both human and animal students, fostering learning and compassion in every corner of her life.

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