Analysis of Capacitive and Piezoelectric Switches: Technical Advantages and Application Environments

  In the backdrop of rapid advancements in modern technology, the control methods of electronic devices are continuously innovating. Capacitive switch and piezoelectric switch, as two common types of switches, are widely applied in various fields due to their unique advantages. So, what are the differences between piezoelectric switch and capacitive switch, both of which belongs to touch switch?

Advantage of Capacitive Switch

Capacitive switch detects touch or proximity of finger or conductor to enable touch operation, offering the following notable advantage:

· High Sensitivity: Capacitive switch can detect extremely light touch, ensuring quick response and excellent user experience.

· Durability: With no mechanical component, capacitive switch exhibit minimal wear and have a longer lifespan. 

· Ease of Cleaning: Smooth surface design of capacitive switch makes it less prone to dust accumulation, facilitating easy cleaning and maintenance.

· Aesthetic Design: Diverse design form and material choice enable capacitive switch to blend seamlessly into modern and sleek product design.

Recommended model:  TS Series

Advantage of Piezoelectric Switch

Piezoelectric switch utilize the piezoelectric effect, where mechanical pressure generates electric charge to enable switch operation. It offers the following key advantage:

· High Precision: Piezoelectric switch can detect minute force variation with high precision, making it suitable for application requiring precise control.

· Quick Response: Due to the inherent property of piezoelectric material, this switch exhibit rapid response time, ideal for high-frequency operation.

· Self-Powered Operation: Piezoelectric switch generate signal without external power source, offering unique advantage in certain application.

· Environmental Durability: Piezoelectric switch can operate in extreme environmental condition, including high temperature and pressure.

Recommended model:  PS Series

Difference between the Two

Capacitive Switch: Operate based on change in capacitance due to touch. Human body, being a good conductor, alter the capacitance of the switch circuit upon touch or proximity, triggering the switch. Direct contact with human body is the basic working principle, explaining why sensitivity of capacitive switch decrease or may not work with glove, especially thick or non-conductive one.

Piezoelectric Switch: Function by detecting pressure through piezoelectric effect. Application of mechanical pressure generate electric charge within piezoelectric material, triggering the switch. Piezoelectric switch do not rely on human body conductivity, hence it can function properly even when glove is worn.


The above serve as a brief differentiation between piezoelectric and capacitive switch. However, determining which switch is suitable for your device still require consideration of the actual usage environment. Feel free to contact us for further technical advice and support!

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