5000A 15V Polarity Reverse DC Power Supply for Chlorine and Caustic Soda Membrane Plants

The caustic soda 5000A 15V DC power supply is a power source used in the electrochemical process for producing hydrogen and sodium hydroxide (caustic soda). In this process, an electrolyte solution (typically an aqueous solution containing sodium hydroxide) is fed into an electrolytic cell. By applying a current, water is decomposed into hydrogen and oxygen, with sodium hydroxide being produced at the anode. This process requires a stable DC power supply to provide the necessary current. The DC power supply typically applies an appropriate voltage between the electrodes to facilitate the electrolysis process.


5000A 15V Caustic Soda Reversing DC Power Supply is a type of DC power source that can change the direction of its output current. Unlike traditional DC power supplies, a reversing DC power supply can reverse the current direction through internal circuitry or external control. This feature makes it very useful in many applications, especially those that require periodic changes in current direction.

5000A 15V Caustic Soda Reversing DC Power Supply Remote Control Box Configuration


Remote Control Box Configuration
① digital voltmeter: display the output voltage
② timer: control the positive, reverse time
③ positive regulation: control the positive output value
④ reset: relieve the alarm
⑤ work state: display the work state
⑥ start: make the timer start work
⑦ ON/Off switch: control the output turn on/ turn off
⑧ reverse regulation: control the reverse output value
⑨ constant voltage/constant current: control the work model
⑩/⑪ manual reverse/automatic reverse
⑫ digital Ammeter: display the output current

5000A 15V Caustic Soda Reversing DC Power Supply Panel Configuration


1. AC Breaker 2. AC input 380V 3 Phase
3. Output positive bar 4. Output negative bar

Working Principle of the Caustic Soda Reversing DC Power Supply

The core of the reversing DC power supply lies in its internal reversing circuit. These circuits typically include switches, relays, or semiconductor devices (such as thyristors or field-effect transistors) that can alter the flow direction of the current through control signals. Here is a basic process of how this 5000V 15A reversing DC power supply works: The power supply provides DC voltage: The internal rectification circuit of the power supply converts AC power to DC power. Reversing control circuit: The control circuit operates the reversing devices based on preset control signals (such as a timer, sensor signals, or manual switches). Reversing operation: When the control signal is triggered, the reversing devices change the current path, thereby reversing the current direction. Stable output of reversed current: The output terminals of the power supply provide a stable reversed DC current to the load.

The caustic soda DC power supply characteristics:

1. High Stability: To ensure the stable progress of the electrolysis process, this power supply needs to provide a stable current or voltage output.

2. Adjustability: Sometimes it is necessary to adjust the output parameters of the power supply, such as current or voltage, according to production requirements.

3. Safety: Since this power supply is typically used with water and alkaline solutions, it must have appropriate safety measures to prevent electric leakage or electrolyte leakage, which could cause hazards.

Caustic soda DC power supplies are commonly used in industrial production, such as in the chlor-alkali industry, for producing sodium hydroxide, chlorine, hydrogen, and other products. Choosing the right reversing DC power supply can effectively enhance equipment performance and production efficiency.

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