SIXUNITED AI and Glasses-free 3D Technologies Shine at COMPUTEX Taiwan, Taking Taiwan as Strategic Hub to Radiate Globally

At COMPUTEX 2024, Asia’s most representative information industry event held from June 4 to 7, diversified AI technologies were on display. From NVIDIA’s AI accelerators to AMD’s high-performance processors and ARM’s AI device predictions, tech giants unveiled their AI flagship products. In this tech extravaganza, Sixunited, a global provider of one-stop solutions for consumer electronics and smart IoT products, also stood out. Sixunited, focusing on the exhibition theme “Connecting AI”, showcased its representative PC products and smart terminals such as AI PCs, glasses-free 3D series, gaming series, industrial control series, servers, and electronic whiteboards, and caught everyone’s attention at the exhibition by cutting-edge products and top-notch technologies.

AI PC and in-house AI assistant of Sixunited redefining intelligent living

In the AI PC zone, Sixunited showcased a diverse range of AI products, including laptops, tablets, mini PCs, and all-in-one PCs. With a cooperative and heterogeneous design of “CPU+GPU+NPU”, Sixunited’s AI PCs provide users with powerful and efficient AI computing capabilities. What truly stands out is Sixunited’s self-developed AI assistant application, offering users the flexibility to choose between localized or cloud-based AI models as per their needs, which ensures both the convenience of a versatile personal assistant and the security of their privacy data. The application also comes with built-in features such as text-to-image generation, intelligent screenshots, and real-time translation, significantly enhancing users’ productivity in work and study and taking intelligent living to new heights.

Privacy and security assured: Highly acclaimed high-performance AI laptops

The 39 Series and 79 Series high-performance AI laptops introduced by Sixunited are equipped with robust Intel Meteor Lake processors, accompanied by remarkable storage configurations, capable of handling sophisticated tasks with ease. Moreover, these laptops have successfully passed the Intel vPro Enterprise and Microsoft Pluton security certifications, offering users comprehensive security protection from hardware to software, and ensuring the security of privacy data.

AI ultrabooks weighing less than 1kg, making portability a breeze

The Sixunited’s 25 Series AI ultrabooks have become the ultimate go-to for mobile productivity, thanks to their extremely lightweight design. It is reported that they are the first in the Intel CTE ecosystem to weigh less than 1kg, coupled with a super-slim magnesium alloy body measuring a mere 14.8mm, allowing for an unparalleled level of lightness and freedom in terms of portability. But their appeal goes beyond their weight – these ultrabooks also boast impressive performance. They not only sport a 14-inch 16:10 ultra-high screen-to-body ratio and exceptional display quality with OLED screens, but they can also be equipped with powerful Intel MTL-U/AMD Howk point-U processors, ensuring comprehensive excellence in both appearance and performance.

One-Click Copilot: Unleashing the power of AI for enhanced productivity and lifestyle

The Sixunited AI laptops are equipped with a Copilot key, allowing users to easily access comprehensive AI assistant services with just a simple click, including recording meeting highlights, project management, task creation, work assignment, setting and tracking deadlines, and more. The Copilot also features robust Agents function, enabling it to automate long-term and repetitive tasks and continuously improve its performance through deep learning. The Copilot feature of Sixunited’s AI laptops allows users to experience a higher level of intelligence and efficiency in both work and lifestyle empowered by AI.

AI Electronic Whiteboard: Revolutionizing intelligent interaction in meetings and education settings 

In addition to the conventional features of writing and display, Sixunited’s AI Electronic Whiteboard supports multi-user simultaneous writing, dual-color display, and a variety of gesture-based operations, as well as applications of free moving, minimizing, enlarging, and shrinking, efficiently managing multiple tasks. Furthermore, it also integrates cutting-edge AI technologies, allowing users to interact with the AI assistant through simple commands or text input to access the desired information and complete corresponding tasks. In meetings, the AI assistant can swiftly retrieve information, facilitating decision-making processes. In educational settings, the AI assistant can provide personalized learning support, making teaching more dynamic and engaging.

Glasses-free 3D technology: Delivering an immersive visual experience

Sixunited has also made significant strides in the glasses-free 3D technology. Incorporating advanced 3D display technology and AI algorithms, the Sixunited’s glasses-free 3D laptops and all-in-one PCs enables seamless transitions between 2D and 3D visual effects. Whether users are watching movies, playing games, or giving work presentations, they can indulge in a captivating 3D world without wearing any additional equipment.

Strong support from Intel executives, high expectations for AI acceleration program

The AI PC series products exhibited by Sixunited have garnered significant attention from the industry, thanks to their exceptional performance and intelligent user experiences. On June 6, top leaders from Intel, including Intel SMG CCG Category channel&Graphics sales GM Coday Ozlem, Intel GM of CCG Channel, Ecosystem and Sustainability Piper Marcus, Intel GM of ODM Business Department in China Zhao Hong, and Intel Technical Director of Client Technology in China Yan Tao, visited Sixunited’s booth, highly applauding Sixunited’s consistent innovative and R&D capabilities in the AI field, and expressing their eager anticipation for Sixunited’s further advancements with the support of Intel’s AI acceleration program to drive widespread adoption of AI technologies. With the formidable partnership between Intel and Sixunited, it is believed that AI technology will experience fresh development and innovation, injecting robust momentum into the entire industry.

High-powered gaming series: Endorsed by NVIDIA founder Jensen Huang

For gaming fanatics, the gaming zone of Sixunited is a must-visit. The lineup of high-powered gaming products of Sixunited, including gaming handhelds, dedicated graphics docks, and gaming laptops, represents the pinnacle of performance and design. On the first day of the COMPUTEX 2024, Jensen Huang, the founder and CEO of NVIDIA, paid a personal visit to Sixunited’s gaming zone, signed and praised products like the graphics dock and game box, as well as recognized the Sixunited’s outstanding strength and notable advantages in gaming products. This endorsement undeniably reaffirms Sixunited’s leading position in the realm of gaming.

Highly customizable Industrial Control Series to cater to the diverse needs of smart manufacturing transformation and upgrading

In the realm of industrial control, Sixunited offers a comprehensive range of industrial control products and solutions, including industrial motherboards, rugged laptops, rugged tablets, industrial panels, industrial HMIs, and logistics printers. These products boast not only stable and reliable performance but also adaptability to various application scenarios. Moreover, Sixunited also can provide highly customizable ODM/OEM services to meet the specific requirements of different industries. Amidst the wave of intelligent transformation in industries like smart retail, smart logistics, smart healthcare, and smart industries, with all-encompassing technical support and services, Sixunited empowers industrial enterprises to achieve more efficient operations and remarkable development.

As a major hub in the computer ODM industry, Taiwan plays a significant role in the global technology supply chain. At COMPUTEX 2024, Sixunited made an impressive debut with a massive exhibition space of 144 square meters, showcasing its latest technological accomplishments and products to the world. This not only highlights their technological prowess but also strengthens their foothold in the Taiwan market and deepens their close relationships with local partners. According to the Sixunited’s Head of Marketing, Taiwan will be served as a strategic stronghold for the company’s global expansion, radiating its influence worldwide. In terms of technology, Sixunited will continue to delve into cutting-edge areas such as AI and glasses-free 3D, providing users worldwide with more practical and user-friendly tech products with forward-thinking perspectives and cutting-edge expertise, driving the widespread adoption of advanced technologies like AI, thereby creating greater convenience and possibilities for people’s work and daily life.

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