Neohite Consulting’s New Tactics Are Changing How Realtors Generate Listings With High Intent Leads

Neohite consulting provides a new way for realtors to gain exclusive access to their area’s most intentful leads, switching the dynamic most agents are used to.

Neohite Consulting specializes in helping realtors in the NA market get in contact with high quality seller/buyer leads. Their goal is to help the average, ambitious realtor acquire listings and buyer contracts on demand. The company uses a blend of cutting edge, highly optimized online marketing and lead nurture strategies which were built upon many iterations, to collect high intent leads and convert them into appointments at a rapid pace. They also put an emphasis on comfort for their clients, booking appointments straight into their calendar, and doing all the heavy lifting, allowing their clients to focus on the parts of the job they enjoy, or to pursue endeavors outside of their real estate career. Agents average 1-2 extra closed deals every single month and find that such results require no extra work, allowing them to run a larger business on autopilot.

Neohite Consulting is ecstatic to share their approach to generating low-effort, high-outcome listings for their clients. “Usually, realtors must spend hours a day prospecting, often with unsatisfactory outcomes… but many are fed up with lackluster results,” says Bart Wojciechowski, founder of Neohite Consulting. “Others just can’t make that kind of commitment anymore,” he added. The crux of Neohite’s strategy is to have high intent leads come to the agent, not the other way around (a luxury usually obtained through decades of hard work). With fewer phone calls and menial work, their clients have more time on their hands, and each call is with someone who actually means business.

“We are very pleased to be able to offer a differentiated solution that helps our clients keep their bottom line steady, gives them more time, and helps them grow their business in a manner most companies just couldn’t match,” Bart continued. “ A big part of it was to make our platform simple and easy to use. One of the North Stars of our company is to get clients results shortly after they are onboarded. We truly removed many unnecessary components until we were left with something that just works. With the quality and intent leads the platform provides, it’s the perfect solution for any ambitious agent looking to increase their GCI.”

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