Return to the Renaissance – 2024 International Youth and Children’s Art Exhibition Successfully Held in Italy

From June 1 to 14, 2024, the artworks of 28 young artists from Shanghai, China, were successfully exhibited in Florence, Italy, through the joint efforts of Italy’s A60 International Art and Gallery YOO. The participating artists were:Yiqi XUE / Haochen WANG / Xinyu WU / Harvey XU / Sichang SHAO / Harper XU / Ophylia / Maceo Chapatte / Yiran HU / Yilin DAI / Xuanhan CHEN / Laila LI / Yiyi WANG / Yinshan XI / Lucas Ziyuan WANG / Leo Yu JIANG / Kangxin LIU / Yihe WANG / Wanshu LIU / Katelyn LI / Yining WANG / Enran WANG / Youran LU / Jiahui XU / Youxuan HU / Ruikai HU / Yitong WU / Lerui LIU /

This exhibition not only received support from Italy’s professional gallery curatorial team but also garnered unanimous praise from visitors. It also marked the Italian stop of curator Minying HAN (Flavia)’s efforts in guiding the artistic journey of young artists.

Currently, Europe is about to enter the exam season, and the preparation period has already begun, bringing a palpable sense of pressure to everyone. However, when people step into the exhibition space, they find a sense of healing. Florence, representing the essence of culture, attracts many visitors eager to experience the treasures of the Renaissance. Therefore, a theme related to classical Renaissance was been chose to paint for our exhibition, which has drawn a large number of visitors. In this land rich with historical significance, Gallery YOO strive to create a unique exhibition experience that combines the charm of contemporary art, and it has been warmly welcomed by the local community.

This exhibition, as a young contemporary force in a classical gallery, is extremely rare, bringing a touch of lightness to those yearning for interesting exhibitions. While the traditional craftsman spirit is certainly admirable, Gallery YOO do not wish to go to the other extreme. This exhibition provided people with an opportunity to experiment, showcasing some whimsical artworks that bring a refreshing and relaxing experience to the audience.

Especially for the students and residents living here, who have grown tired and weary of Renaissance paintings. In this challenging environment, Gallery YOO attempt to create something niche but healing for the soul. Gallery YOO believe this exhibition is extraordinarily significant, not only because it represents innovation but also because it finds a balance between the classical and the contemporary. The exhibition does not completely lean towards the contemporary but integrates elements of the Renaissance, attempting to find a point of connection.

This aligns perfectly with the brand philosophy. Gallery YOO are also striving to find a balance in the Chinese market to meet the public’s demand for craftsmanship and fashion.

The young artists participating in this exhibition are here not only because of its significant importance but also because this exhibition is cooler than others. They have rooted themselves in a challenging environment and dare to experiment with innovative things that others are afraid to challenge.

Gallery YOO is very happy to have brought so many healing colors and energy from Shanghai, sweeping away the dullness of Florence and injecting vitality into the entire city. Even more delightful is that Gallery YOO made bold attempts with the children this time. Gallery YOO believe in a promising future for everyone, because while others are still following, Gallery YOO are already innovating. People are doing something very cool, and Gallery YOO hope people maintain this innovative spirit on any future path. No matter what difficulties you encounter, be braver than others, just like this exhibition, where the brave get to enjoy the world first.

At this exhibition in Italy, the organizers and the international curatorial team conducted a fair and just voting process, awarding various international art exhibition prizes to these 28 outstanding young artists.

Awards and Honors:

International Fine Arts Gold and Silver Awards

Gold Award: Haochen WANG

Silver Awards: Xuanhan CHEN, Yiyi WANG, Yihe WANG, Youxuan HU

Future Artist Gold and Silver Awards

Gold Awards: Sichang SHAO, Lerui LIU

Silver Awards: Xinyu WU, Yilin DAI, Laila LI, Katelyn LI, Youran LU

International Young Artist Creativity Award: Harper Xu, Maceo Chapatte, Leo Yu JIANG, Yining WANG, Jiahui XU, Ruikai HU

International Young Artist Color Award: Yiqi XUE, Harvey XU, Yinshan XI, Lucas Ziyuan WANG, Enran WANG, Yitong WU

International Young Artist Sculpture Award: Ophylia, Yiran HU, Kangxin LIU, Wanshu LIU

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