Dennis Tavares Unveils the Historic Battle and Ongoing Conservation for Mendocino’s Redwoods and Fisheries in “How Mendocino County Went to Pot”

Dennis Tavares Unveils the Historic Battle and Ongoing Conservation for Mendocino's Redwoods and Fisheries in "How Mendocino County Went to Pot"

FORT BRAGG, Calif. – Author Dennis Tavares tells the fascinating history of the demise of Mendocino County’s Redwood forest industry. The majestic coast redwood forest has captivated people’s imagination for centuries. However, as industrialization boomed and the demand for timber grew, the logging industry began to overcut these magnificent forests. His book, “How Mendocino County Went to Pot” explores the history and current status of logging activities in these iconic forests.  

Despite conservation efforts and increased awareness about the importance of properly managing these ancient forests, one might wonder: Is the logging industry coming back? Tavares thoroughly explores the future of sustained forestry in his homeland.  

The book also featured Mendocino County’s fishing industry’s similar history, with an all-year-round decline in fisheries production which for years caused alarm with its widespread losses. The book’s mission is to undo decades of damage from decades of unbridled resource use and aims to promote a healthier environment.  

Tavares presents these alarming trends, and his proposed efforts to be made to conserve the coast redwoods as well as raise awareness about the importance of this wonderful ecosystem.  

“How Mendocino County Went To Pot: Memories of Life in Mendocino Redwood Country in the Last Half of the 1900s” By Dennis Tavares 

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About the Author 

”When we accept mankind’s dominance and the mutuality of man in nature and nature in man, then we can begin to move toward comprehension of our proper role as co-determiners of what is to be, and also our need for self-discipline.”

Through detailed research and firsthand observations, Tavares reveals the rise and eventual decline of the lumber and fishing trade in the Mendocino area alongside the rise of drug culture and calls for environmental preservation. Readers will find many of his observations relevant and an interesting counterpoint to preservationist ideals.”

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