Understanding the Revelation: A Comprehensive Guide to the End Times by Joseph Livesay

Understanding the Revelation: A Comprehensive Guide to the End Times by Joseph Livesay

WHITE HOUSE, Tenn. – Avid readers of the Bible should not miss Joseph Livesay’s book, “Understanding the Revelation” It explains topics like the return of Christ and the end of the Age.  The book decodes the Book of Revelation to comprehensively guide readers to a better understanding of end of times, what will happen as Armageddon approaches, and how to keep your faith solid against doubt.

“Understanding the Revelation” covers a range of topics, taken in the order John saw and heard them; including the Rapture, the visions of Daniel, and the Revelation of Jesus Christ as our Kinsman Redeemer. It also addresses the Locked Doors and Sealed Books; Horses and Beasts; Women and Elders; Trumpets and Bowls; Cities, Mountains, and Islands found within the last book of the Bible. Each chapter offers a deep dive into the biblical text, providing readers with valuable insights and perspectives. The book is a well-written guide for group discussions of your prayer group, daily prayer, and professional religious study.  

Author J.S. Livesay surveys various approaches commentators have taken on whether the Revelation of Jesus Christ refers primarily to the past or to events that are yet future; or somewhere in between. It is comprised of lessons, relevant questions, and inspiring stories that will bring you closer to God. 

Livesay, is an experienced Theologian, author, and teacher known for insightful biblical scholarship, with an emphasis on hermeneutics. He brings his compound knowledge and expertise to provide readers with a thought-provoking and illuminating exploration of the Revelation. The depth of the book’s details will be worth it and will lead the reader to see biblical connections not previously imagined.

“Understanding the REVELATION: A Devoted Look at HIS RETURN” By Joseph Livesay 

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About the Author 


J.S. Livesay, born in 1959, was raised as a “child of the 60’s” until, when in his early teens, God reached out and captured his heart, soul and mind. In 1981 he graduated from Portland Bible College (located in Portland, Oregon) having earned a Bachelor of Theology, with an emphasis on hermeneutics. He has continued his arduous study of the Holy Scriptures after graduating and while raising his family with his wife Marie, until this present day. He has applied his study of scripture and the wisdom it bestows to his professional life as well as to his duties as a husband and father. A focus on original languages and translations of the Canon (both Old and New Testaments) and the experience of the persistent faithfulness of God, during hard times and easy, inspired the production of this work. He resides in Tennessee with Marie, near four of their eleven children and four of their twenty-four (and counting) grandchildren.

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