Behavioral Issues that Impact Character by Author WT Stockburger

Behavioral Issues that Impact Character by Author WT Stockburger

In today’s instant gratification society, everyday decisions often lead to crises of character. Reflecting the Character of Christ presents an Information Age interpretation of the Beatitudes outline in the New Testament book of Matthew. This short but dynamic work should be on the bookshelves of every believer who wants to demonstrate a Christ centered life. Author W. T. Stockburger writes a book that is geared toward Christians who seek a deeper walk with Christ, but it also serves as an inspirational message for those who are still exploring the Christian life, and for those who struggle with the day-to-day pressures of life. Reading this book means new reflections, and insights as well as reinvigorated Christian maturity.

Because of its sincerity, and humble approach as you seek to create the relationships, loyalty, and cohesion you need to be a better Christian, Stockburger reminded his readers that we have to constantly move, and breathe with Christ.

Reflecting the Character of Christ is a must-read book is lauded both critics and the masses, Don Rasmussen, AIF, CFEd, President/CEO We-CARE Wealth & Tax Management, LLC says of this book “This should be required reading for all believers! At a time when our world is looking for answers it is time for every Christian to have a well-rounded grasp of who Jesus is. Wayne hits all of the vital issues of “Reflecting the Character of Christ”, but the two chapters that resonate the loudest I believe is Seeking the Face of God and being Passionate for His work. I encourage everyone to delve into this well written book about our Savior and a successful Christian walk.”

Both Retired Chaplain Gene Pemberton, Chaplain, Houston Astros, and Associate Pastor, Freedom for Anyone Ministries, Temple, Txa and Former Pastor, Faith Community Church, Wishek, ND Brian Hendrickson, believe they have seen a plethora of books with the same theme but failed to impress them, hence with Stock burger’s book is it undeniable compelling and will help you understand what the Bible says about itself and encourage you to read, believe, and live what it truly says.

Brian Hendrickson says “Our young people have seen the emptiness of the current way we do church and frankly like so many of the older generations are just “done” with church.  Not to say that God isn’t using the church in its many forms for His glory, but He desires a relationship with His people not a fan club.  Relationship comes only through transparency, mercy, and integrity which is at the very heart of this marvelous work by W.T. Stockburger.  As someone who has spent many hours on the golf course and in his home discussing these very issues it is clear that he is passionate about the truths of the Scriptures and the purpose they have in making us more like Christ.” 

The book tackles behavioral issues that impact our character. Is it that God allows us to struggle and fail to bring humility and the realization that we need Him in our lives all day, every day?

The author writes how God desires for us to mirror the character that reflects principles taught by Jesus.  The search is never-ending progress and it must go on, and on, and on or we fall back on old habits and old behaviors. That is the hope that the readers will find by reading his book. The reflections gained from reading “Reflecting the Character of Christ”, is ideal for personal and Bible study group. Each chapter will stimulate thoughts about common character struggles and the vision of the character that God would like to see in each of our lives.


W.T. Stockburger is from Troy, Texas with his wife of 40 years. He is an ardent member of Gideons International; attends Bethel Church in Temple, Texas. His gift for the arts also includes playing the guitar and being a gifted motivational speaker.  He is an excellent example of a business professional and a leader in the healthcare sector who still manages to integrate his faith into his everyday life and make it his life’s work to teach the youth and adults in his bible studies, and work with individuals on personal growth and development. 

Reflecting the Character of Christ: The Echo of God’s Image in the Human Heart – 2nd Edition

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