Osmium-ART Announces the Sale of the World’s Most Expensive Modern Violin as a Phygital Asset on Rarible, Powered by OwnerChip

Osmium-ART Announces the Sale of the World’s Most Expensive Modern Violin as a Phygital Asset on Rarible, Powered by OwnerChip
This landmark sale, set to go live on June 11, 2024, on Rarible Web3 Marketplace, features the OSmium Violin — a masterpiece of craftsmanship and brought on chain by state-of-the-art blockchain-powered NFC technology from OwnerChip.

Vienna, Austria – 11th June, 2024 – Osmium-ART, in collaboration with OwnerChip and Rarible, is thrilled to announce an unprecedented event in the world of fine arts and technology: the sale of the world’s most expensive modern violin as a phygital asset.

This groundbreaking project marks a pivotal moment in the art and collectibles industry, blending impeccable artisanal skill with the latest in blockchain innovation. The OSmium Violin, adorned with precious gems and osmium inlays, will be offered with a digital twin on the blockchain, certifying its authenticity and ownership in an immutable ledger. The violin will be listed for $6.32 million USD and will be available on Polygon, purchasable in $MATIC.

DI Kurt Assam, co-founder of Osmium-ART, states, “This is not just a sale, but a monumental step forward in the evolution of art and technology. The OSmium Violin represents the pinnacle of physical craftsmanship and digital innovation, making it a prime example of what we believe will define the future of collectibles.”

The violin itself is a feat of artistic achievement, handcrafted by renowned violin maker Edgar Russ, and enriched with 298 diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and the rarest osmium inlays. Each component is meticulously assembled to not only create a visually stunning piece but to ensure exquisite sound quality that rivals the great historical instruments.

Alex Salnikov, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Rarible, comments, “We are proud to host this sale on Rarible, bridging the gap between traditional art collectors and the rapidly growing web3 community. There is a natural intersection with digital collectibles and high value art pieces, and we’re excited to see items like these be traded onchain.”

OwnerChip’s primary technical achievement was the development of the OwnerChip Middleware, an innovative technology that establishes an unbreakable link between a physical item and its digital twin. This breakthrough is accomplished through the integration of high-security NFC chips, such as the Infineon SECORA, directly onto the physical object. This allows for a seamless and secure transaction process, ensuring buyer and seller confidence.Michael Schramm, Founder and CEO of OwnerChip, explains, “Our technology ensures that the Osmium Violin’s digital twin mirrors its physical counterpart, offering unparalleled security and authenticity. This is how we bridge the physical and digital worlds, providing a secure, transparent platform for the exchange of high-value items.”

The sale of the OSmium Violin is expected to attract attention from both traditional art connoisseurs and innovative digital asset collectors, making it a landmark event in the world of Web3.

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OwnerChip is at the forefront of the digital transformation in the art and luxury goods market. By leveraging blockchain technology and NFC chips, OwnerChip creates secure, verifiable digital twins of physical assets, revolutionizing how high-value items are traded and owned. Our mission is to build a new ownership model that blends authenticity, trust, and community across both physical and digital realms. Focused on enhancing transparency and security, OwnerChip empowers artists, collectors, and brands to engage with their audiences in innovative ways.

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