Topchange Digital: Empowering Growth with Cutting-Edge Digital Solutions

Shenzhen Topchange Digital Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Shenzhen Media Group. The company focuses on the field of virtual reality application, and uses the “digital image language” in line with the trend of the times to refine products, providing customers with digital creativity, content production and marketing services.

Topchange Digital was founded in 2005, formerly known as the virtual TV program studio of Shenzhen Media Group. From the earliest Vizrt 3D virtual studio technology to becoming the first professional team in China to use the Unreal Engine, Topchange has established a good reputation in previous projects, while accumulating rich design experience and technical reserves.

Immersive+ digital vision

Topchange Digital takes creativity as the core market demand as the orientation, relying on new technologies such as 5G, AI and VR to constantly explore and expand the business boundaries and service forms of “Immersive+”.

We hope to use the most cutting-edge technology to turn imagination into reality and empower the growth of enterprises and brands.

Technological Strength

The company has a team of over 100 virtual reality content creators, as well as more than 80 talents in planning, promotion, filming, and operation and maintenance.

With an accumulation of over 30,000 3D digital assets, the company also possesses a multi-spec virtual studio with a maximum area of approximately 800 square meters.

Qualifications and Awards

With over 1,000 successful cases, Topchange Digital has developed a complete, professional, and efficient service system. The company has won 9 international design awards, 5 national-level awards, 18 industry awards, 9 provincial-level awards, and 7 municipal-level awards.

These accomplishments demonstrate Topchange Digital’s excellence in the field and its commitment to providing top-notch services to its clients.

Brand Marketing Services

Empowering Brand Growth through Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

Leveraging deep insights to refine core promotional propositions, analyzing needs, identifying market communication opportunities, and utilizing strategies, visuals, and new media and so on. We deliver an integrated marketing campaign that achieves both branding and sales effectiveness.

AR/VR Application Solutions

Multi-field Technology Applications Revolutionizing the Way We Think

With extensive practical experience in various fields such as virtual live streaming, product launches, and e-sports events, Topchange Digital offers comprehensive, efficient, and cost-effective one-stop AR/VR/XR solutions.

These solutions harness the power of technology servicing across industries, reimagining how people experience and interact with the world. Whether it’s creating immersive virtual environments for events or enabling users to explore remote locations through AR/VR, Topchange Digital’s solutions aim to transform the way we think and engage with the digital world.

From 2D to 3D, from virtual technology to interactive design, with cultural creativity as its core and digital technology as its tool, Topchange Digital provides professional integrated digital creative solutions for enterprises.

Virtual Content Production

The Perfect Combination of Technology and Art — Customize Your Own “Wonderland”!

Whether it’s film and television intros, animations, or the creation of naked-eye 3D animations, or even the construction of virtual exhibition halls in the cloud and the incubation of digital touring exhibitions, Topchange’s virtual content production team empowers businesses to realize their limitless imagination.

Digital Exhibition Engineering

Content as the Soul, Space as the Manifestation, Multimedia Interactive Devices as the frame.

The integrated exhibition display engineering provides a full-chain digital creative service, encompassing project initiation consultation, planning and design, multimedia interactive display, to construction implementation and after-sales services. This comprehensive approach ensures that the exhibition is not just a physical space but a dynamic, interactive, and engaging experience that truly captivates and engages visitors. The multimedia interactive devices serve as the tangible form of the exhibition, bringing the content and vision to life in a compelling and immersive manner.

Film & TVC Production

Capturing Heartwarming Stories with Cinematic Works to Elevate Brand Image

From government and enterprise promotional videos, TVC commercials, short videos, microfilms, product videos, to product animations, our team of professional directors and producers navigate your brand into a next-level video era.

New Media Services & App Development

Breaking Traditional Marketing

Combining creativity, visuals, and interactive technology, we turn promotion into a two-way interaction, elevating the engagement and impact of your brand.

Topchange Digital specializes in the production of virtual reality (VR) content and digital interactive design, dedicated to providing customers with comprehensive virtual and augmented digital visual marketing solutions, offering an “immersive+” digital visual service package.

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