Into the Classroom of International School in Tianjin | Year 6-9 Cross-Curricular Days

An innovative and transdisciplinary three-day cross-curricular learning event was recently designed to enrich the learning experience of the Year 6-9 pupils at Wellington College Tianjin. The event’s overarching theme was Artificial Intelligence and Space exploration. Over the course of the three days, its learners were exposed to 11 subjects, all of which focused on answering the critical question of ‘How can we use artificial intelligence to support sustainable living on mars, ensuring that humans can survive in this hostile environment?’ 

At this Tianjin International School, the pupils had the opportunity to develop various skills, including communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving through the project-based learning approach, the event’s immersive nature allowed the children to gain practical knowledge and shape their perspectives on different subject areas, giving them a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness between subjects. This approach provided them with a unique opportunity to explore how various subjects can link together to address real-world challenges that require interdisciplinary solutions. It encouraged them to work on specific topics from start to finish and come up with unique and individualised solutions to problems. It also motivated them by making learning more interactive and allowed them to gain knowledge through experiments and exploration.  

Wellington College International Tianjin

The cross-curricular learning also helps to develop an understanding of various topics, not just at the surface level but also at a deeper level of comprehension.  Allowing its young learners to explore various areas and subjects in an integrated and connected manner, equips them with the foundational skill of interdisciplinary learning which fortifies their learning experience and is a crucial feature in today’s workforce. 

The cross-curricular days serve as a crucial transition process between the Junior School and the Senior School, providing an opportunity for Year 6 pupils who are transitioning to the senior school to work together with teachers and pupils they will need to get to know next year. By bringing the Junior School and the Senior School together, the pupils were able to connect with their peers from different age groups, sharing ideas and experiences, and building positive relationships that will last throughout their years in school. Regarded as one of the best international schools in Tianjin, Wellington College Tianjin was excited that all pupils – no matter what year level – were able to confidently showcase their strengths, learn from each other, and work collaboratively towards a common goal. 

As one of the best international schools in China, Wellington College Tianjin is thrilled with the overwhelmingly positive feedback it has received from colleagues, pupils, and parents regarding the recent three-day cross-curricular event. This learning experience was undoubtedly a resounding success, and the school is proud of its pupils’ impressive knowledge and understanding which they demonstrated by presenting their work in a science fair forum. 

Wellington College International Tianjin

This forum provided a valuable opportunity for the pupils to share their learning experiences with their peers, parents, and staff members, further nurturing their presentation skills and building their confidence. The forum successfully highlighted the importance of collaboration and the significance of project-based learning in creating better and more robust learning experiences.

Wellington College International Tianjin

It was thrilling to observe pupils’ engagement and enthusiasm, especially when they were discussing Artificial Intelligence (AI). During their art lesson, pupils used AI to create habitats in which humans might be able to survive while living on Mars. Witnessing their creativity and innovative thinking was inspiring. The pupils’ insights and ideas about the impact of AI were impressive, and it was exciting to see such in-depth knowledge from all our learners.  

Cross-curricular learning

It was wonderful to witness the learning which took place as the pupils participated in an array of exciting activities. 

They carried out a debate about whether space travel was a good use of money, demonstrating their critical thinking and communication skills. 

Specialist Lego teachers taught them how to create and program a Mars rover, allowing them to develop their creativity and problem-solving skills. 

They learned about the biggest volcano on Mars in geography, while in DT, they created their own wind-blown rockets. 

In science, the pupils carried out experiments on terraforming Mars, studying whether soil found on Mars would be suitable for growing anything.

Collaborating in history, they set up a government and discussed how a colony of humans on Mars could be governed. 

In computing, the children focused on chatbot technology and how it can be used as a productive tool for humans.  


In conclusion, the recent three-day cross-curricular event for Year 6-9 pupils was an exceptional learning experience that allowed its pupils to showcase their creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills. The project-based and cross-curricular learning experiences provided a perfect platform for them to develop skills necessary for the 21st-century workforce. It is very exciting and all pupils are looking forward to next year’s event, anticipating the progress its pupils will make as they continue to develop their knowledge and skills in various subjects. By working collaboratively, challenging themselves, and exploring new and innovative ideas, its pupils will continue to build their confidence and resilience, paving the way for successful academic careers.

Ms Melissa Meikle
Deputy Head of Junior School (Academic)

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