Hala Ahmad Kabbara, a huge name in the world of jewelry and diamonds

Hala Ahmad Kabbara, a huge name in the world of jewelry and diamonds

“Hala Ahmad Kabbara”
If you are looking for an elegant sparkling diamond engagement ring, a beautiful pair of diamond earrings, a unique necklace, a personalised gift, or even want to refine an old piece of jewelry, look no further than Tebromasse Jewelry, one of the best and most recommended jewelry factory all over the Middle East, owned by Hala Ahmad Kabbara.

Hala Ahmad Kabbara is a Lebanese entrepreneur who raised her name in the world of jewelry and diamonds. Hala was able to show the world what a woman is able to do when she wants to with her insistence, perseverance, and hard work in no time, she turned into a well-known entrepreneur and business owner. Hala has dedicated her life for the sake of her future, and she excelled in every domain she used to work in, from architecture to interior design and miner major graphic design.

Moreover, she was lecturer at the university for once.Later, she moved to Dubai, where she got married and worked at a jewellery store and factory. Hala then decided to study gemologist certified by IGI. And she started her own journey and trace her own way by launching her jewelry factory. She started to buy machines, and year after year, she owned one of the best manufacturing. Hala’s factory, “Tebromasse Jewelry,” is located in Jabal Ali Industrial Area 3 and offers B2B and B2C services.

As one of the largest and most respected jewelry designers, diamond dealers, and gold dealers, Tebromasse has been serving satisfied customers since 2009. Hala’s jewellery factory offers an exquisite selection of distinctive and refined jewelry designs that celebrate the essence of femininity, elegance, the uniqueness of every woman, and any milestone worth cherishing. The journey of crafting exceptional jewelry commences with an inspiring idea or a dream piece that is given life by Tebromasse’s designers through the marvels of advanced CAD software. Once the digital model is meticulously refined, it undergoes a remarkable transformation into a tangible wax model through a cutting-edge 3D printer. Then comes the casting, polishing, and hallmarking. 

Tebromasse Jewelry turned out to be the number one choice for many celebrities and influencers all over the world. From Lebanon: Najwa Karam, Carmen Lebbos, Karla Botros, and Randa Kaadi and Elsa Zghayb. From Saudi Arabia: Lojian Omran and Aseel Omran. From Kuwait: Houda Hussein. From Bahrain: Dr. Brwin Habib. From Egypt: Yousra, May Omar, and Reem Sami. From Jordan: Fadia al Tawel. And finally from Syria: Mona Wasef, Sabah Al Jazaieri, Souzan Najm Alddine, Sahar Fawzi, Salma Almasri, Maha Almasri, Nadin Tahsin Bek, Rawad Alio, Rasha Sharbatji, Noor Ali Lina Hawarni and Yara Sabri.

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