Live Calm Counseling Introduces Accessible Mental Health Solutions With Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Telehealth Options

Live Calm Counseling offers specialized cognitive-behavioral therapy and hypnotherapy services for anger management, addiction, and anxiety, with a focus on practical emotional management and client involvement.

Live Calm Counseling, founded and operated by Wesley Senn, a certified Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist with over a decade of experience, offers specialized services to help adults manage their emotions and behaviors. Located in South Carolina, the practice focuses on anger management, addictions, and various forms of anxiety. Wesley, a Licensed Professional Counselor, is also an educator at the College of Charleston, known for his empathetic and accessible approach, making him highly regarded among his clients. His practice emphasizes an active, hands-on approach to therapy, aimed at achieving tangible results and long-term emotional management. 

Live Calm Counseling provides a range of services, including specialized programs for anger management tailored for both men and women. These programs help individuals understand the root causes of their anger, develop coping strategies, and improve their relationships. Comprehensive counseling for various addictions, such as substance abuse, smoking, and vaping, focuses on understanding the addiction, developing healthy coping mechanisms, and working towards sustained recovery. 

Anxiety treatment is another key area, with Wesley treating disorders such as phobias, panic attacks, and social anxiety using CBT to manage anxiety triggers and reduce their impact on daily life. What’s more, hypnotherapy as an alternative therapeutic option is offered to clients in South Carolina for issues like smoking, vaping, phobias, and alcohol dependency. 

Wesley employs a structured “emotion management program” through cognitive-behavioral therapy, which is highly effective in teaching clients how to manage their emotions and behaviors. The core principles involve identifying and challenging negative thought patterns, developing coping strategies, and implementing behavioral changes. His approach is interactive and collaborative, ensuring clients are actively involved in their therapy journey. According to a former client, “Wes’ approach makes CBT feel so accessible and easy to understand. He has a warm, empathetic and easygoing demeanor that makes it easy to talk with him. He truly changed my life by helping me to learn how to become empowered to face whatever life throws at me.” 

Beyond his counseling practice, Wesley contributes to the broader mental health community through his role as a psychology adjunct instructor at the College of Charleston. He also delivers webinars and talks on various mental health topics, spreading awareness and providing valuable insights into cognitive-behavioral therapy and emotion management. Prospective clients can easily begin their journey with Live Calm Counseling by scheduling a free, no-obligation 15-minute phone consultation, which helps them understand the therapy process and set their goals. Clients can also directly request their first session through the Live Calm Counseling platform, ensuring a smooth and supportive start to their therapy journey.  

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