Brad Hinkelman Discusses the Growth and Strategy Behind Casacol’s Success in Medellín’s Real Estate Market

Brad Hinkelman Discusses the Growth and Strategy Behind Casacol's Success in Medellín's Real Estate Market

Brad Hinkelman, Medellín, Colombia
The Growth and Strategy Behind Casacol’s Success in Medellín’s Real Estate Market with Casacol CEO Brad Hinkelman

Brad Hinkelman, CEO of Casacol and a recognized leader in Colombia’s real estate market, recently shared valuable insights in a compelling interview that highlights his journey and the success of his firm. Originally from Canada, Hinkelman has been instrumental in transforming Medellín’s real estate landscape since founding Casacol in 2013. With a background in Business Administration and finance, he has leveraged his skills to establish Casacol as a leader in the industry, providing comprehensive services from property development to legal and accounting services tailored for both local and foreign investors.

During the interview, Hinkelman discussed the initial challenges he faced, the strategies that have driven the profitability of his business, and the innovative approaches that have helped attract and retain investors. He highlighted the importance of integrity, in-depth market knowledge, and a client-centered approach as key factors to his success. Casacol, under Hinkelman’s leadership, has not only contributed significantly to the modernization of Medellín’s real estate but also to its growing reputation as a top destination for tourism and investment.

Brad Hinkelman’s journey from a first-time investor to the CEO of one of Medellín’s largest real estate firms is not only inspiring but also a testament to the vibrant opportunities available in Colombia’s emerging markets. His vision for the future includes expanding sustainable development projects and enhancing property management services to meet the evolving needs of the global real estate market.

For more insights from Brad Hinkelman, the full interview can be read here.

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Casacol is a leader in property management and real estate investment in Medellín, offering a range of services designed to maximize investor returns while contributing to the community’s development. With over 500 properties and almost 1000 “beds” under management, Casacol remains at the forefront of the real estate industry in Colombia.

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