Art Without Boundaries: The Multifaceted Journey of Mr. Fu

Art Without Boundaries: The Multifaceted Journey of Mr. Fu

Q: Hello, Mr. Fu. Could you introduce yourself?

F: In brief, I’m a sculptor. But aside from being an artist, I wear several other hats: curator, art agent, founder of a product design company… My life and work revolve around a deep love for art. It’s both my professional occupation and my daily life.

Q: Your life and work are quite diverse. Can you tell us about your journey in learning art and what has led to your current situation?

F: First of all, I think learning art is a very personal endeavor, but it also requires a lot of communication and exchange. It’s about learning from past artists, understanding the current social environment, and exploring future possibilities. Every artist seeks a unique individuality that follows no set rules and cannot be replicated. This is what makes art so fascinating. As for me, I spent over a decade from my childhood doodling to professional training at an art academy, following the traditional academic path to becoming an artist. Later, I continued my studies in France, focusing on plastic arts and art history, and realized that creating art is not just about making a painting or a sculpture. In our lives, art serves as a unique symbol that adds a dimension beyond the material. This realization led me to delve into professional studies of the art market and eventually explore the commercialization of art in my career. This ties back to my specialization in sculpture. Inspired by Joseph Beuys’ concept of social sculpture, I strive to explore the boundaries of my own artistic world, which I believe are inherently non-material.

Artwork by Mr. Fu

Q: I can sense the strong connection between art and your life. Your understanding of art seems very profound. Could you share your thoughts on contemporary art?

F: Profound might be an overstatement, but I do prefer a lighter approach. For instance, my solo exhibition ‘RECALL’ is intended to be a relaxing party. Art isn’t about reasoning; its power lies in creating limitless possibilities and imagination. I don’t usually emphasize contemporary art because I believe terms like contemporary, modern, or classical art are just ways to categorize art based on time and context. When assessing whether a piece of art is contemporary, I look at the relationship between the artwork’s theme and the current reality, and how the artist’s message connects with the present environment. Art that solely stems from the artist’s perspective tends to limit our understanding. This is why some pieces in contemporary art exhibitions are hard to understand, even for professionals. It’s an interesting phenomenon that repeats across eras. I admire Marcel Duchamp’s rebellion against tradition and Joseph Beuys’ idea that everyone is an artist. I see art as a special service to society and approach it with an open mind, embracing all possibilities.

Artwork by Mr. Fu

Q: Based on your previous answer, I believe your understanding is profound, haha. What inspired you to resume your artistic creations and hold this solo exhibition?

F: Thank you; I’ll take that as a compliment. To clarify, my artistic creation never really stopped. Over the years, I’ve continued to privately contemplate and experiment with my works. Art became a more personal pursuit for me. In my professional work, I often assist other artists in perfecting their pieces, expressing themes, and organizing exhibitions. This experience helped me smoothly prepare for this exhibition despite the tight schedule. Having participated in many exhibitions, holding my first solo show in New York is incredibly exciting. When the opportunity arose, I seized it without hesitation to reflect on the relationship between art and my life. I’m grateful for the support that made this exhibition possible.

Q: Your exhibition is titled ‘RECALL.’ What’s the significance behind it? And I noticed mirrors are a prominent element. Is there a connection there?

F: ‘RECALL’ represents an artistic call to myself. When contemplating the theme for this exhibition, the word ‘recall’ immediately came to mind. It also signifies my reflections on memories. Since art is deeply intertwined with life, my creations naturally draw from life experiences, aiming to express and realize them. This exhibition reflects my recent thoughts on art and myself. Mirrors are something we look at daily, sparking my interest. A thin layer of a mirror connects to a parallel, opposite world, fragile yet delicate. This is akin to the concrete fragments of memory, abstract emotions, and flattened thoughts. While they appear similar, they are distinct, highlighting the importance of the thin layer in between. As I explored, many concrete images emerged, which I endeavored to overlay with reality, seeking richness and completeness. Take the titular work ‘RECALL,’ for example. Reflecting on my past relationship with art, many symbols surfaced from my memories: learning to paint, using sculpting tools, memorable museum pieces, and so on. These elements gradually formed connections, which I then strung together.

Artwork by Mr. Fu

Q: Upon entering the exhibition, the adorable blue elephant immediately catches the eye. Your works are quite intriguing. What inspired this piece?

F: I believe art should be fun and maybe a bit humorous, similar to some works by Maurizio Cattelan. I strive for a more lighthearted and everyday approach.

I recently learned the phrase ‘elephant in the room,’ which sparked the idea. The next day, I stumbled upon a blow-up elephant toy at a supermarket. Everything fell into place naturally. ‘This will make a great piece,’ I thought to myself. Using readymade also pays homage to Marcel Duchamp, and combining it with mirrors and flat expressions made it complete.

Q: I appreciate the light-heartedness of your approach and the reflections in ‘RECALL.’ Could you talk about your past and future artistic ambitions?

F: Thank you. As mentioned, I believe artists should explore a wide range of possibilities. I’ve always practiced this philosophy, whether in China or Europe, expanding my life’s boundaries through art. I aim to deeply appreciate the beauty of life and convey this beauty to others through my art. This is something I will continue to pursue, striving to make the world a bit more beautiful.

Artwork by Mr. Fu

Q: Absolutely, let’s work towards that together! Thank you for the interview, and congratulations on your successful exhibition. We eagerly look forward to your future projects.

F: Thank you very much.

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