Serenity 1 Consulting Group Provides Guaranteed Timeshare Exit Services Amidst Rising Demand

Serenity 1 Consulting Group offers expert legal solutions and ABS education to help owners get rid of their timeshares once and for all.

Founded in 2015, Serenity 1 Consulting Group (Sonecg) is a reliable US-based timeshare exit service company. They specialize solely in timeshare exits, helping owners rid themselves of the financial burdens of a timeshare in an effective, conclusive, and stress-free manner. 

With full confidence in their expert services, the company offers a 100% money-back guarantee to clients. They aim to provide a peaceful and untroubled exit, living up to the definition of “serenity.” With sonecg consultations are always free, and pricing is designed to be affordable, saving clients money in the long run.

The Process 

Every timeshare exit case is unique, and Sonecg provides customized solutions based on individual circumstances. Their highly qualified and experienced legal consultants possess extensive knowledge of contract law and consumer rights specific to the timeshare industry. They diligently research state-specific laws and develop tailored exit strategies for each client. The goal is to relieve clients of their timeshare obligations and financial responsibilities swiftly and effectively.

Sonecg simplifies the timeshare exit process in three easy steps. First, clients provide basic information about their timeshare, including purchase dates, point values, and loan information. 

Next, one of Sonecg’s expert analysts reviews the timeshare contract and presents the case to the Senior Leadership Team. If the client qualifies, they receive an explanation of their options. Finally, Client Services initiates the cancellation process, assigns an attorney, and begins credit protection measures.

Ensuring Financial Protection 

Timeshares were increasingly popular back in the day and many owners who bought into them now find it hard to rid themselves of their financial obligations. With numerous timeshare exit companies sprouting up, it’s hard to trust a credible source. Owners don’t want to end up with more financial burden and a compromise on their hard-earned credit score. 

This is why Sonecg strictly advises clients to stay current with their maintenance fees and mortgage payments during the exit process to avoid negative credit impacts. 

Educating About Asset-Backed Securities (ABS) 

Serenity 1 Consulting follows a comprehensive approach with their clients, educating them about the impact of Asset-Backed Securities. ABS are financial instruments that are backed by a pool of assets such as loans, leases, credit card debt, or receivables. In the context of timeshares, ABS can include securities backed by loans and payments related to timeshare contracts.

When timeshare developers sell timeshares, they often provide financing to buyers. The developers may bundle these loans and sell them as ABS to investors, which helps developers raise capital quickly. However, it also means that the obligations related to the timeshare payments are transferred to the holders of these securities. 

Understanding ABS helps timeshare owners understand the implications for their own financial health. This in turn empowers clients to make informed decisions about their timeshare exits.

Prioritizing Client Satisfaction 

Sonecg has been providing top-notch timeshare exit services to its clients for almost a decade now. Their team of experts places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. The company strives to deliver personalized and professional services that make their clients feel supported throughout the legal process. 

From the initial consultation to the final resolution, Sonecg maintains open lines of communication, providing regular updates and addressing any concerns promptly. The team is committed to going above and beyond for their clients, even if it means incurring additional costs.


Sonecg (Serenity 1 Consulting Group) offers reliable and expert timeshare exit services. Their legal experts specialize in timeshare exit strategies. They take the time to carefully review each client’s unique case, drafting a hassle-free legal strategy that helps clients get out of their timeshare obligations without adversely impacting their credit scores. 

Established in 2015, Serenity 1 Consulting has since helped countless clients successfully walk away from the financial burden of timeshares. All while incurring minimal costs and no harm to their credit scores. 

In the future, the company aims to assist even more frustrated owners break free from the financial constraints of their timeshares. 

For further details, please use the information below to reach out to Serenity 1 Consulting Group. 

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