Tangi Carter Celebrates 27 Years of Transforming Lives in the Courtroom: A Legacy of ‘Humanizing’ Criminals.

HATTIESBURG, MS – JUNE 18, 2024 – Celebrating 27 years of relentless advocacy, Criminal Defense Lawyer Tangi Carter stands as a beacon of hope and justice in the legal realm. With nearly three decades of courtroom experience, Carter has an extraordinary gift for crafting compelling narratives that spare her clients from severe sentences.

A Modern Approach to Criminal Defense

Contrary to what one might expect from a seasoned attorney, Tangi Carter is anything but old school. Her approach to criminal defense is marked by innovation and creativity, constantly seeking new methods to negotiate reduced sentences for her clients. Central to her strategy is a powerful courtroom tactic: humanizing the defendant.

“If we get the right judge, it gives us a good opportunity to really humanize the client – to take that individual from being a number on the docket to being a real-life person with a family, friends, and someone who has typically faced significant difficulties in their life,” said Carter.

“It’s harder for a judge to send them to prison when they see a human being and not just the charge. After all, we are not the worst thing we’ve ever done in our lives. Our main goal – and I think we do a very good job at it – is to humanize the client in relation to the crime. We can then show that, yes there’s this theft charge, but they’re also a father, son, friend, good employee… and they’ve done X, Y, and Z for their community.”

A Multi-State Legal Practitioner

Although based in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Carter’s influence spans multiple states. Licensed to practice in Louisiana, Florida, and Tennessee, she brings her compassionate, empathetic, and client-centric approach to a wide range of cases, from attempted murders to robberies.

Carter’s philosophy revolves around “really listening” to her clients and establishing an emotional connection between the judge and the accused. She believes this crucial element is sorely missing in the legal profession today.

Innovative Sentence Mitigation

Carter’s sentence mitigation strategies are as diverse as the cases she handles. Some judges welcome support statements or witness testimonies, while others are more dismissive. To address this variability, Carter employs a creative arsenal of mitigation tools tailored to each judge and case.

“Sometimes we produce a video of the client, like a ‘day in their life,’ and have witnesses testify,” explained Carter. “This could include current employers, former employers, and maybe one or two family members in the right circumstances. Most of the mitigation would go to the judge at the time of sentencing. It could also be letters, accolades, or details of anything they’ve done for their community.”

The ‘Day in the Life’ video, a distinctive technique, showcases the client’s everyday reality, helping to alleviate their anxiety about testifying and providing judges with a more personal perspective. While some judges are receptive to such videos, others may dismiss them outright.

A Case in Point: Avoiding a 30-Year Jail Term

Carter recounted a particularly impactful case where her video mitigation strategy proved decisive. “I defended a woman who was charged with an assault case,” explained the attorney. “She was charged with having physical relations with a student at a high school where she worked. She was not a teacher, but was in a position of authority – and the potential sentence was 30 years.”

To build a compelling case, Carter traveled to the woman’s family home before sentencing, recording a video of the woman with her children and conducting interviews with her kids. She gathered records demonstrating the woman’s spotless past, academic achievements, and societal contributions. Despite a troubled marriage leading to her criminal behavior, the woman had been a model citizen.

“Ultimately, she received a three-year sentence instead of 30. This outcome underscores the profound impact of humanizing the client,” said Carter.

Advocacy Through Empathy

A fundamental aspect of Carter’s practice is her genuine empathy and understanding for her clients. This deep sense of compassion drives her to explore every possible avenue for leniency in sentencing. By delving into her clients’ backgrounds, she can present a holistic view of their lives, often revealing mitigating factors that significantly influence the outcome of their cases.

Carter’s methods go beyond traditional legal defenses. She often engages with social workers, psychologists, and community leaders to build a comprehensive profile of her clients. This multi-disciplinary approach not only aids in humanizing the defendant but also highlights their potential for rehabilitation and contribution to society.

The Power of Personal Narratives

One of Carter’s key strategies involves creating detailed personal narratives for her clients. These narratives encompass the client’s life story, their struggles, achievements, and the circumstances that led to their legal troubles. By presenting these stories, Carter effectively shifts the focus from the crime itself to the individual behind it, fostering a sense of empathy and understanding in the courtroom.

“We are all more than the worst thing we’ve ever done,” Carter reiterated. “By sharing these personal narratives, we can show the judge that our clients are capable of change and deserving of a second chance. It’s about painting a complete picture of who they are, beyond their mistakes.”

Community Engagement and Support

Carter also emphasizes the importance of community support in her defense strategies. She often involves community members in the mitigation process, gathering letters of support and testimonies from those who know the client best. This community involvement not only strengthens the defense but also underscores the client’s positive impact on those around them.

“Community support can be incredibly powerful,” Carter noted. “It shows that the client has a network of people who believe in them and are willing to vouch for their character. This can make a significant difference in how a judge perceives the case.”

Continual Learning and Adaptation

Carter’s commitment to her clients is matched by her dedication to continual learning and adaptation. She regularly attends legal seminars and workshops to stay updated on the latest developments in criminal defense. This proactive approach ensures that she is always equipped with the most effective tools and strategies to advocate for her clients.

“Law is a constantly evolving field,” Carter explained. “To be the best advocate for my clients, I need to stay informed and adaptable. It’s about continuously refining my skills and finding new ways to achieve justice.”

Highlighting Client Success Stories

Over the years, Carter has amassed a collection of success stories that highlight the effectiveness of her empathetic and innovative approach. Each case serves as a testament to her dedication and expertise. For instance, Carter once defended a young man charged with burglary. Through extensive investigation and personal advocacy, she discovered that the man had turned to crime due to severe economic hardship. By presenting his story and involving community members who vouched for his character, Carter was able to secure a significantly reduced sentence.

In another notable case, Carter represented a mother accused of drug possession. By delving into her background, Carter uncovered a history of domestic abuse and mental health struggles. She collaborated with mental health professionals to provide a comprehensive picture of the client’s circumstances, ultimately convincing the judge to opt for rehabilitation over incarceration.

Conclusion: A Legacy of Advocacy

As Tangi Carter celebrates 27 years of service, her impact on the legal profession is undeniable. Her innovative and empathetic approach to criminal defense has transformed countless lives, proving that justice is not just about punishment but also about understanding and rehabilitation.

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