Dxai Media Successfully Completes Pilot Operations in the Iraqi Market, Set for Full Launch in July

Dxai Media (DAM) announced the successful completion of its pilot operations in the Iraqi market. As an emerging global film and television communication company, DAM has captivated Iraqi audiences with its innovative broadcasting technology and diverse content offerings. This successful pilot sets a solid foundation for the full market launch scheduled for July.

During the pilot phase, DAM provided Iraqi viewers with various types of film and television content through its advanced digital platform. This, coupled with a high-quality viewing experience, quickly won the favor of the Iraqi audience. Initial statistics indicate significant growth in user numbers and record-breaking platform traffic and content engagement during the trial period.

Recognizing the high engagement and task completion rates from online staff in Iraq, DAM has decided to launch a nationwide recruitment drive to create more local employment opportunities. Employees are encouraged to form their own teams, with DAM offering generous team rewards and development opportunities.

Mark André Houdon, DAM’s CEO, stated, “We are very pleased with the results of our pilot operations in Iraq. This not only showcases our capabilities in broadcasting technology but also highlights the substantial demand for quality film and television content among Iraqi audiences. We believe that through further market development and localized operations, DAM will achieve greater success in the Iraqi market.”

Following the full market launch in July, DAM plans to introduce more localized content to better meet the needs of Iraqi viewers. The company will collaborate extensively with local film production companies and content creators to produce programs with local flavor. Additionally, DAM will bring more popular international film and television works to the platform, enriching its content offerings and enhancing the viewing experience.

Entering the Iraqi market is a crucial step in DAM’s global strategic expansion. As a company dedicated to promoting cultural exchange through film and television communication, DAM has been actively exploring international markets to deliver high-quality content to audiences worldwide. The success of the pilot operations in Iraq not only expands DAM’s influence in the Middle East but also provides valuable experience for future ventures into other emerging markets.

After officially entering the Iraqi market, the platform will be fully open, welcoming more new users to enjoy the benefits and activities offered by DAM. The company will also launch several public welfare initiatives to support social development and enhance its corporate value.

DAM’s global success and technical expertise position it well for substantial growth in the Iraqi market. With a team of top international professionals committed to innovation and user experience enhancement, DAM will continue to leverage its strengths in content production, technology development, and market operations to offer high-quality film and television content to Iraqi audiences and drive the local industry’s development.

The successful pilot not only lays the groundwork for DAM’s full market entry in Iraq but also provides valuable insights for other international film and television companies looking to enter the Iraqi market. Moving forward, DAM will continue to strive to bring more high-quality content to global audiences, promoting the development of the global film and television communication industry.

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