Prepay Nation and Brij Technologies Inc. Announce Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Cross-Border Payments and Connectivity

This strategic partnership marks a significant step towards simplifying and enhancing the ecosystem for cross-border bill payments and international money transfers.

Berwyn, PA, USA – June 18, 2024 – Prepay Nation, a pioneering force in international airtime and data top-up, has joined forces with Brij Technologies Inc. (“Brij”), a leader in financial intermediation and consumer aggregation. This strategic partnership marks a significant step towards simplifying and enhancing the ecosystem for cross-border bill payments and international money transfers.

Prepay Nation, known for its robust B2B and B2B2C Value Top-Up Marketplace, serves over 5 billion consumers globally, allowing them to stay connected and manage their digital lifestyle effortlessly. With an expansive network encompassing over 500 mobile operators across 150 countries, Prepay Nation is at the forefront of facilitating seamless mobile and IoT device top-ups, along with digital gift card and bill payment solutions.

Conversely, Brij has carved a niche in creating digital “highways” across the continent. By partnering with leading telcos, banks, fintech, and other aggregators, Brij grants unparalleled access to a vast network of merchants and consumers. Their innovative solutions, such as a unified merchant repository and a proprietary currency swap marketplace, are set to transform financial transactions across Africa.

The collaboration between Prepay Nation and Brij will leverage their mutual strengths. Prepay Nation’s extensive international reach and technological prowess, combined with Brij’s deep local insights and infrastructure, will enhance both parties’ offerings. Consumers can look forward to a more streamlined experience, enabling them to manage cross-border payments as effortlessly as sending a text message.

“Partnering with Brij Technologies Inc. aligns perfectly with our vision to bridge geographical and financial barriers across the globe,” said Paolo Montessori, CEO of Prepay Nation. “As someone deeply committed to fostering global connectivity and financial inclusion, I am particularly excited about the positive impact this collaboration will have on communities. This partnership will not only expand our service offerings but also enhance user engagement and satisfaction.”

“The synergy between Prepay Nation’s global network and our localized approach will redefine the financial landscape in Africa,” stated Nicholas Koros, Group CEO of Brij Technologies Inc. “Together, we are setting new benchmarks in financial accessibility and interoperability across networks. This partnership exemplifies our commitment to breaking down barriers and creating seamless, innovative financial solutions that cater to the diverse needs of our users. By leveraging each other’s strengths, we are not just enhancing our service offerings but also paving the way for a more inclusive and connected financial ecosystem. Our collaboration will enable consumers to experience the ease and convenience of cross-border transactions like never before, fostering greater financial inclusion and economic prosperity for all.”

This strategic partnership is poised to boost foot traffic, site visits, and transaction volumes, creating incremental revenue and fostering customer loyalty for both entities. It is a testament to their commitment to not only driving economic growth but also supporting sustainable financial practices across diverse markets. These services will be available at Paybills.Africa, the first and Africa’s largest merchant aggregation platform offering seamless cross-border bill payments and services.

About Prepay Nation:

Prepay Nation is a leading global B2B prepaid products marketplace that facilitates the purchase of domestic and cross-border transactions of airtime, data, bundles, e-gift cards and utility payments. With an operational presence in 150+ countries and over 600+ partnerships, our network spans 350,000+ retail locations. To learn more about Prepay Nation’s cross-border solutions, visit or social media at LinkedIn, X or Facebook. For PR inquiries, contact Kim Fajardo at

About Brij Africa:

Brij specializes in consumer aggregation and financial intermediation, providing cross-border bill payment and International Money Transfer Operator services. Its infrastructure is built on partnerships with the continent’s leading telcos, banks, fintechs, and other aggregators. These providers grant Brij exclusive access to the merchants and individuals that comprise their networks of subscribers, allowing Brij to create digital “highways” connecting their merchants and enabling full interoperability between networks.

The Brij solutions include a unified merchant repository and a proprietary currency swap marketplace. Users will be able to pay their bills to merchants across the continent on a single platform as easily as they would send a text message. Partner telcos and financial intermediaries profit from its revenue-sharing system, which offers a collective return for each transaction on the Brij platform. Additionally, the currency swap function will help ease demand for Forex reserves, reducing the pressure on limited supplies of hard currency, including U.S. dollars (USD).

To explore more about these services, visit Paybills.Africa. or social media at LinkedIn, X or Facebook. For PR inquiries, contact Terence Raft at

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