Offers Solutions as Business Leaders Face Working Capital Challenges Amidst Growth Optimism

Raleigh, NC – June 19, 2024 – A recent global survey by C2FO has revealed a paradox facing businesses: while 78% of companies expect revenue growth in 2024, with 32% anticipating over 10% growth, nearly 60% said longer payment terms from customers require them to find alternative working capital sources to fund their growth goals.

The survey findings, which highlight the growing need for working capital solutions, come at a time when high interest rates (cited by 54% of respondents) and long cash conversion cycles are major obstacles to accessing the capital needed for operations and growth. Notably, only 17% of suppliers had a borrowing rate below 5% in early 2024.

“The survey results underscore the challenges businesses face in balancing growth ambitions with working capital constraints,” said Joshua Triplett, CEO of “As a leading provider of working capital solutions, we are well-positioned to help companies navigate these challenges and unlock the liquidity they need to fuel their growth plans.”

The urgency for working capital optimization is further underscored by a J.P. Morgan estimates that around $633 billion in potential liquidity is trapped in working capital for S&P 1500 companies, highlighting the need for effective strategies to unlock this trapped capital. offers a range of innovative working capital solutions tailored to the unique needs of businesses, including:

  • ROI Focused Business Loans
  • Fast Working Capital
  • Business Funding
  • Business Capital

“Our solutions are designed to provide businesses with the liquidity they need to seize growth opportunities, manage cash flow, support supply chains, and ramp up capacity,” added Triplett. “We understand the challenges businesses face, and we are committed to being a trusted partner in their success.”

As businesses navigate the complexities of the current economic landscape, stands ready to provide the working capital solutions they need to thrive.

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About is a leading provider of working capital solutions for businesses of all sizes. With a deep understanding of the challenges businesses face, offers a range of innovative financing solutions designed to help companies unlock liquidity, manage cash flow, and fuel growth.

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