“What Not to Forgive” by Loring Walawander Wins Literary Titan Gold Book Award

"What Not to Forgive" by Loring Walawander Wins Literary Titan Gold Book Award
“What Not to Forgive” is a powerful narrative that explores the intersecting lives of Chase, who struggles with his wife’s death and her final wish, and Tekla, a veteran grappling with PTSD, seeking normalcy and love. Set against the backdrop of Montana’s rugged landscape, the novel delves into their emotional journeys, revealing the complexities of forgiveness and personal growth.

Loring Walawander’s acclaimed novel “What Not To Forgive” has been honored with the esteemed Literary Titan Gold Book Award. Walawander’s powerful storytelling and his skillful examination of trauma, healing, and the nuances of human connections are celebrated with this accolade.

“What Not to Forgive” is a profound story that reveals Montana as a place and a transformative state of mind and heart. It is a poignant journey through the lives of ordinary yet extraordinary individuals striving to do the right thing in the face of formidable challenges. With its emphasis on the intricacies of forgiveness, the novel delves into the complicated paths the characters must navigate to find peace and understanding.

Literary Titan’s review encapsulates the book’s impact: “Loring Walawander’s “What Not to Forgive” is a dramatic exploration of trauma, redemption, and the intricacies of relationships set against a backdrop of heartbreaking and often harrowing experiences. The novel weaves together the lives of several characters, primarily Chase and Tekla, whose journeys of personal growth and forgiveness intersect in unexpected and moving ways. Chase’s struggle with the loss of his wife, JoAnn, and his attempt to scatter her ashes in a symbolic final goodbye provides a raw and emotional pulse to the story.”

Loring Walawander, who has called Montana home since 1976, writes with the same spirit that the state has instilled in him. His extensive travels and diverse professional background – from cowboy to forester – infuse his writing with authenticity and a deep understanding of the human condition.

The Literary Titan Gold Book Award recognizes books that uphold exceptional standards in presenting original content, celebrating both fiction and non-fiction works for their unique characters or subjects, developed in engaging contexts. Receiving the Literary Titan Gold Book Award signifies an extraordinary achievement, marking “What Not to Forgive” as a distinguished work in its exploration of human perseverance and the quest for forgiveness.

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About the Book

In the rugged landscapes of Montana, two souls embark on intertwined journeys of healing and redemption. A grieving husband struggles to honor his wife’s final wish, scattering her ashes in a heartrending act of farewell that tests his strength and resolve. Meanwhile, a battle-scarred veteran fights for normalcy and love amidst the shadows of PTSD, seeking solace in a world that feels both distant and cruelly familiar. A chance meeting brings to light the complex realities of forgiveness and personal evolution. This tale explores how ordinary people confront extraordinary challenges, discovering the transformative power of facing one’s deepest fears and finding hope in the most unlikely places.

About the Author

Loring Walawander is an esteemed author whose evocative memoir and novel draw deeply from Montana’s rich landscapes and spirit, where he has lived since 1976. His works reflect a deep understanding of human resilience and the intricate nature of forgiveness, themes enriched by his diverse professional background as a cowboy, logger, carpenter, forester, and postmaster. Walawander holds a degree in Forestry from the University of Tennessee, and his numerous and diverse travels have shaped his perceptive portrayal of characters and settings. Now retired, he devotes his time to writing and caring for the natural environment around his Missoula property. Whether crafting compelling stories or exploring Montana’s back roads with his wife, Jacque, he remains committed to capturing the essence of the human experience and the beauty of the world around him.

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