New York City Divorce Lawyer Ryan Besinque Releases Insightful Article on Simplified Divorce Processes in NY

New York City Divorce Lawyer Ryan Besinque Releases Insightful Article on Simplified Divorce Processes in NY

New York City divorce lawyer Ryan Besinque ( has released a comprehensive article addressing common misconceptions and updated laws regarding the divorce process in New York. The article, titled “Do You Have to Be Separated for a Year to Get a Divorce in NY?” provides valuable insights into the evolution of divorce laws in the state, particularly highlighting the shift from traditional fault-based divorces to more streamlined no-fault options.

In his detailed analysis, New York City divorce lawyer Besinque explains the historical context of New York’s divorce laws, which previously required couples to prove fault or undergo a separation period of a year. This often led to prolonged, contentious legal battles. However, significant changes came into effect in October 2010 when New York introduced no-fault divorce grounds, allowing couples to file for divorce citing an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage for at least six months.

“Understanding the nuances of both fault-based and no-fault divorce grounds can significantly impact the strategy of your divorce proceedings,” stated New York City divorce lawyer Ryan Besinque. He emphasizes that while fault-based divorces are still legally viable, they are becoming less common due to the complexities and emotional strain they often involve.

The article further elaborates on the different types of divorces in New York — contested and uncontested. Besinque points out that an uncontested divorce, where both parties agree on major issues like asset distribution, child custody, and support, can be less costly and time-consuming compared to a contested divorce that requires judicial intervention.

Moreover, the article discusses the principles of equitable distribution, child custody prioritizations, spousal support, and the residency requirements essential for filing for divorce in New York. These sections aim to equip individuals with the knowledge necessary to navigate their proceedings with confidence.

The no-fault divorce option has notably simplified the process for many New Yorkers, allowing for a more amicable resolution to marital dissolution. “The ability to file for divorce without assigning blame can reduce the emotional and financial stress on all parties involved, including children,” Besinque highlights.

For those contemplating divorce or seeking to understand their rights and options, this article serves as an essential resource. It not only demystifies complex legal terms but also reassures readers that more compassionate and efficient pathways are available for ending a marriage.

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