Digital Artist ILIA Featured at Art Basel 2024 with Enthralling Dreamscapes Series

ILIA’s Dreamscapes series won the hearts for blending digital art with elements of nature and fantasy.

Art Basel, a highly regarded international art fair, showcased an impressive array of digital artwork in its 2024 exhibition in Basel, Switzerland. Among the featured artists was ILIA, whose digital art series, known as “Dreamscapes,” captured the attention of attendees with their intricate designs and profound themes.

ILIA’s creations blend elements of the natural world with fantasy, earning her recognition across the globe. Each piece requires 50 to 100 hours of meticulous work, involving the editing of individual components that are then combined into one cohesive Dreamscape. This process produces vibrant visuals that engage viewers in color and form.

ILIA describes her work by saying, “I specialize in art that takes people to places they haven’t been before.” Her Dreamscapes are designed to transport viewers to imaginative landscapes where reality and fantasy merge, where the natural world meets vast, creative spaces.

“My Dreamscapes are fantasy forms and designs fused together into digital art that simulates the colors of nature and space, intended to communicate that dreams and goals can become a reality,” ILIA states. Her inspiration comes from her immediate environment and interests, including her gardens, local wildlife, and her love for various genres of music, from classical to big band jazz.

ILIA’s participation in Art Basel 2024 reflects her artistic skill and the increasing acceptance of digital art within the traditional art community. Her exhibition selection underscores her work’s quality and distinctiveness in the competitive art world.

ILIA’s artistic journey was significantly influenced by her early interactions with Ralph Grimes, a poetic pen pal who encouraged her artistic endeavors after seeing the positive reactions a simple sketch received. This, combined with her family’s creative influence, helped ILIA view life as a canvas for creative expression.

Her educational background, enhanced by independent teachers like Mr. Grimes, who held an MFA, instilled in her a profound appreciation for the arts. ILIA is also preparing to release two books, “Win #101 – How You Can Succeed, too!” and “The Art of Mentoring,” which reflect her commitment to supporting the artistic development of others.

As the art world continues to evolve, artists like ILIA are important for their ability to explore new mediums and messages. Her inclusion in Art Basel 2024 showcases her talent and indicates a broader acceptance of digital art forms in prominent exhibitions. Through her Dreamscapes, ILIA continues to inspire and challenge both fellow artists and art lovers around the world.

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Dreamscapes by ILIA is a digital art venture founded by the artist ILIA, renowned for her captivating Dreamscapes series. Based in Clearwater, Florida, the company draws inspiration from nature, music, and a passion for artistic mentorship.

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