Arab Chess Federation Announces Regulatory Amendments and Increased Prize Funds

Sheikh Dr. Khalid bin Hamid Al Qasimi, President of the Arab Chess Federation and Chairman of the Sharjah Cultural Chess Club, announced that the Arab Chess Federation has introduced several amendments to the regulations of Arab championships. These changes aim to enhance the technical level of players and have increased the prize funds for competitions.

In a statement, Sheikh Dr. Khalid confirmed that the new season of men’s, women’s, and age-group championships will commence in November.

He emphasized that the UAE, thanks to the visionary leadership, excels in supporting championships and competitions at the Arab level, enhancing human development, and leaving a significant mark on the development of chess in the Arab world.

During the first meeting of the Arab Federation’s Executive Committee held in Sharjah, clear criteria were established for organizing programs and events according to global standards, ensuring they provide the desired benefits for Arab countries and contribute to the advancement of chess.

Additionally, the Arab Chess Federation proposed a unique award for the publication of Arabic chess books for the first time, encouraging authors and producers. This initiative aims to enhance the positive aspects of promoting chess and supporting its spread in the Arab world. Another proposal under consideration is to hold a scientific conference to further chess culture in the Arab region.

In other news, Sheikh Dr. Khalid announced that the Sharjah Chess Club has devised a plan to promote chess culture in the community, in collaboration with the UAE Chess Federation. The plan includes several phases aimed at encouraging children to take up the sport.

“We have taken the first step by training physical education teachers to enable them to coach chess, thereby attracting a large number of children to the game,” he said. He extended his gratitude to the UAE Chess Federation and the Sharjah Sports Council for supporting the club in promoting and developing this sport.

Sheikh Dr. Khalid welcomed collaboration with all clubs and federations to develop chess and enhance the abilities of UAE champions across all age groups.

He noted that the club’s agenda includes various competitions such as summer tournaments, Ramadan events, and the monthly “Plan and Think” tournament. “Nurturing talents at a young age has positive impacts and greatly contributes to producing future champions,” he explained.

On the achievements of the first GCC Youth Games in the UAE 2024, he stated that this event will enhance the skills of Gulf youth, motivate them to compete in championships, and aspire to achieve outstanding results in international competitions.

Sheikh Dr. Khalid bin Hamid Al Qasimi, President of the Arab Chess Federation, the federation has officially approved the tournament schedule for the current 2024 season.

The Competitions Committee of the federation, headquartered in Sharjah, has confirmed the hosting of the Arab Individual Chess Championships for Age Groups (8 to 20 years) for both boys and girls in Sousse, Tunisia. Additionally, Salalah, Oman will host the 2024 Arab Club Team Chess Championship, while Sharjah will welcome the Arab Individual Championships for Men and Women, alongside the Rapid and Blitz Chess Championships.

The decision to select these host countries followed a thorough evaluation of their proposals by the Technical and Competitions Committees. The selection process considered a comprehensive set of requirements and standards that must be met by the host nations for various categories of Arab championships. This season also includes several training courses.

Today, the Lebanese Chess Federation, with support from the Arab Chess Federation, is conducting an International Arbiter Training Course (FIDE Arbiter), certified by the International Chess Federation (FIDE).

Sheikh Khalid Al Qasimi praised the unwavering support of the United Arab Emirates, particularly the leadership and government of Sharjah, for the Arab Chess Federation. He acknowledged their significant contributions, including providing an official headquarters, sufficient financial resources for organizing tournaments, supporting Arab federations, and offering training programs for players, arbiters, and coaches. These efforts aim to elevate the standards of chess, promote the game’s culture across the Arab world, and attract more players, especially children and youth, fostering a new generation of talented players capable of achieving excellence and success regionally and internationally.

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