LiTime Announces 2024 Prime Day Event Amid Global Energy Transition

Shenzhen, China – Renowned for its lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, energy brand LiTime has announced the launch of its 2024 Prime Day event. This initiative, aimed at promoting new energy storage solutions and enhancing user benefits, will run from July 16 to July 17. During this period, customers can log into the LiTime website to enjoy Amazon Prime-like prices without needing an Amazon Prime membership. Additionally, the LiTime website will offer double points for eligible purchases to its valued website members.

Global Energy Transition

According to the World Meteorological Organization’s (WMO) 2023 State of the Global Climate report, the growth rate of renewable energy capacity worldwide has reached its highest speed observed in the past two decades, marking the beginning of a substantial energy transition. While harnessing renewable energy from nature is crucial, efficiently and reliably storing this energy is equally important. Lithium iron phosphate, a chemical material used in manufacturing lithium-ion batteries, is renowned for its high safety, efficiency, and environmental friendliness. It is suitable for renewable energy, household, and portable electronic device storage, making it widely applicable for personal use.

Versatile Application Needs

Beyond understanding the inherent advantages of lithium iron phosphate, individuals may encounter various scenarios when using batteries made from this material, such as water-based, land-based, and household scenarios. LiTime, driven by user needs, has designed and developed multiple lithium iron phosphate batteries suitable for different scenarios to meet diverse user requirements.

For Water-Based Scenarios: 12V 100Ah TM Battery for Trolling Motors

  • Prime Day Price: $254.98 (Original Price: $539.99, 47% Discount)

  • Description: Designed for avid fishing enthusiasts, this battery provides quick and reliable power delivery for trolling motors. Engineered for harsh environments, it features an IP65 waterproof rating and 1280Wh of usable energy, suitable for 30-70 lbs trolling motors. It supports a maximum discharge current of 300A to 500A for 5 seconds, ensuring smoother and more precise control of trolling motors for more effective fishing.

  • Other recommended batteries for this scenario:

o Motor thrust 70-100 lbs: 24V 100Ah Bluetooth $531 (Original Price: $869.99, 61% Discount)

o Motor thrust 100-120 lbs: 36V 55Ah TM $449.99 (Original Price: $666.66, 67% Discount)

For Land-Based Scenarios: 12V 100Ah Group24 Bluetooth Battery for RVs

  • Prime Day Price: $279.99 (Original Price: $579.99, 48% Discount) 

  • Description: Designed for professional RV travelers, this battery reduces storage space by up to 25% compared to a 12V 100Ah lead-acid battery while delivering 200% more energy. Paired with LiTime’s intelligent Bluetooth 5.0, it allows real-time monitoring of the battery’s overall status and data through the LiTime app, including SOC, charge/discharge/idle status, voltage, current, power, remaining capacity, temperature, and life cycle.

  • Other recommended batteries for this scenario:

o 12V 230Ah Plus, Low-Temp $557.99 (Original Price: $849.99, 65% Discount)

o 12V 280Ah Plus, Low-Temp $638.99 (Original Price: $1014.27, 62% Discount)

o 12V 460Ah $1199.99 (Original Price: $2099.99, 57% Discount)

o For larger RVs, higher voltage batteries are needed: 24V 230Ah $1999.99 (Original Price: $1119.99, 55% Discount)

For Home Energy Storage: 51.2V 100Ah Battery

  • Prime Day Price: $1259.99 (Original Price: $2169.99, 58% Discount)

  • Description: Providing a practical solution for off-grid living, this battery offers 5120Wh of energy and supports 4P, utilizing premium lithium cells to store a large amount of clean energy. It can power a 120W refrigerator continuously for 42.6 hours. LiTime is committed to providing safe and green power systems, with a product design that emphasizes environmental friendliness, contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions even in household power use.

New Product Announcements

LiTime, with a robust R&D team, is a truly user-driven innovation brand. Based on feedback from over 30,000 users, they have developed more multi-scenario batteries, providing users with more efficient and environmentally friendly energy solutions.

New 12V 100Ah Marine Outboard Motor Battery

  • Description: Designed to support 5P5S configurations, this versatile battery is expandable to suit 24V, 36V, 48V, and 60V electric outboard motors. Featuring EV Grade-A cells, one unit of this battery is equivalent to two 12V 100Ah lead-acid batteries. It fits the Group31 size, seamlessly matching the original battery tray on boats for effortless replacement of old lead-acid batteries. The battery is equipped with the latest upgraded LiTime 5.0 Bluetooth system, allowing automatic connection to smartphones for real-time monitoring of battery status and data.

New 51.2V 100Ah Complex Home Storage Battery

  • Description: Upgraded from the original home storage battery, this model is more suitable for home energy storage. Its 3U server rack cabinet and customized stacking components save home storage space while being sturdier and easier to install. Designed with home use in mind, it features an intelligent touch screen and LED status lights. Its communication capabilities are seamlessly integrated with household usage, supporting industrial communication standards such as CANbus/RS485, and ensuring compatibility with a wide range of integrated MPPT charge controllers available in the market.

About LiTime

Originating from Shenzhen, China, LiTime has been a pioneer in the new energy storage field for over 15 years. Centered on user needs and driven by technological innovation, LiTime continually breaks new ground to provide the best value lithium iron phosphate batteries. As a leader in the industry, LiTime is dedicated to delivering green, sustainable, and efficient energy solutions while contributing to the reduction of the global carbon footprint and transforming the power grid landscape.

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