Orbis86 x Draper University, Sponsored by Hedera Host Successful Web3 Gaming & AI Funding Event at NY Tech Week

The Orbis86 x Draper University event “Game On | Founders & Funders in Web3 X AI” featured industry leaders discussing Web3 gaming, AI integration, startup pitches, and networking, highlighting innovative trends and investment strategies in the evolving tech landscape.

The highly anticipated Orbis86 x Draper University event, “Game On | Founders & Funders in Web3 X AI NY Tech Week,” held on Monday, June 3, 2024,  has concluded with resounding success. Co-hosted by YorkSeed and sponsored by Hedera in collaboration with the Blockchain Game Alliance, the event brought together industry leaders, innovative game developers, and visionary investors to explore the future of gaming technology at the intersection of Web3 and AI.  

​Future of Tech | Game On


  • Erich Grant, Founder, C14 

  • Michael Kantor, Founder, TierBot 

  • Bronson Lingamfelter, Chief Operating Officer, One Earth Rising 

  • Soniya Ahuja, Founder & CEO, Orbis86 

  • Tosca Marleen, Brand Partnerships Specialist & Producer (Moderator)  

Led by Tosca Marleen, this panel convened industry experts to discuss the latest innovations in Web3 gaming. Speakers shared insights on play-to-earn models, mobile optimization, metaverse development, and brand engagement strategies. The session explored sustainable gaming concepts and predicted future trends, offering a comprehensive outlook on the evolving Web3 gaming landscape.  

Founders & Funders in Web3 X AI 


  • ​William Patterson, Managing Partner, Third Earth Capital 

  • Gil Rosen, President | Managing Partner, Blockchain Builders Fund 

  • Sharon O’Sullivan, Angel investor, LP Leonis Capital 

  • Brady G, CEO & CoFounder, Bonzo Finance 

  • Damordar Bihani, Investment Associate, Delta Blockchain Fund (Moderator) The panel brought together industry leaders and investors to explore the intersection of Web3 and AI. Speakers discussed go-to-market strategies, trends in data management and security, adoption challenges in regulated sectors, and the social impact potential of Web3 X AI projects. Attendees gained insights into investment strategies and future trends. 

Startup Demo & Pitch Sessions 

The startup pitch session at Orbis86’s event showcased an array of innovative ventures poised to disrupt various industries. The companies that pitched at the event were Applix, Mimetic AI, Block Convey, KAST, Infinity, GloW, Ado AI, Complere, and Dataprana.  From revolutionizing quality control to empowering AI-driven media platforms, each startup presented groundbreaking ideas leveraging AI, blockchain, and AR technologies. Personalized wellness companions stood out, while streamlined data management solutions were offered for AI enterprises. Lead capture was simplified, and product lifecycle traceability was enhanced, among many other innovations.  Attendees witnessed the future of tech unfold as founders passionately shared their visions for transformative impact. 

Culinary Delights & Networking Comfort 

Attendees at the Orbis86 event were treated to a delightful culinary experience, featuring a tempting array of delicious food and drinks. From mouthwatering pizza to refreshing soft drinks and wine, the menu catered to a variety of tastes and preferences.  

Fresh fruits and snacks were also available, ensuring attendees stayed energized and focused throughout the event. The inviting atmosphere of the spacious venue provided the perfect backdrop for networking and engaging discussions, allowing participants to mingle comfortably while enjoying the delectable fare on offer. 

About Sponsor: Hedera 

Hedera is an open-source, leaderless proof-of-stake public ledger. Its robust ecosystem is built by a global community and governed by a diverse council of industry leaders, including Boeing, Chainlink Labs, DBS Bank, Dell, Deutsche Telekom, Google, IBM, LG Electronics, Ubisoft, Wipro, and others. 

About Co-Host: Draper University  

Draper University offers transformational pro-business and entrepreneurship training through unconventional methods that reflect real-world scenarios and practical learning approaches. As a unique institution, it promotes entrepreneurship and the disruption of traditional education models. 

About Co-Host: YorkSeed  

Yorkseed is an exclusive global venture community connecting founders and investors, fostering connections across diverse markets and expanding through global hubs. Originating from a viral spreadsheet at the SXSW conference, we’ve rapidly grown to over 1.8k members across 18 global city hubs in less than a year. 

About Host:

Orbis86 Orbis86 is a pioneering Gaming as a Service for Web3 Communities, revolutionizing Web3 innovation. Their chain-agnostic approach fosters a unified cross-chain ecosystem for seamless interaction across diverse blockchain networks. Throughout the year,Orbis86 conducts events globally, creating a community for individuals to learn and discuss Web3 and AI.

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