Top 5 Reasons Tysum Stands Out as an Industrial Dust Collector Manufacturer

Top 5 Reasons Tysum Stands Out as an Industrial Dust Collector Manufacturer
Explore Tysum’s 20+ years of expertise in industrial dust collection. See why their high-performance products and comprehensive support lead the industry.

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Main Markets: Europe, Middle East, Africa

Main Products: Baghouse Dust Collectors, Cartridge Dust Collectors

About Tysum: Leading the Industry

Established in 2000, Tysum is a global leader in air filtration and specializes in the production of high-end industrial dust collectors. Being in this industry for over twenty years, Tysum has carved its name as a reliable and excellent company. In Guangdong, Jiangsu, Hunan, Jiangxi and Sichuan provinces of China alone, there are already five state-of-the-art plants which have been strategically located near the diverse industrial clusters for enhanced sourcing and production capabilities.

The major products of this company include baghouse dust collectors and cartridge dust collectors which account for 40% of their business respectively. These are applied extensively across various manufacturing sectors such as the mining industry, metal working, welding, laser cutting, grinding, blasting, sandblasting, food industry processing, powder spraying and chemical manufacturing. Tysum’s dust collectors can handle several kinds of particulate contaminations assuring clean working environments.

Tysum expanded its global footprint into Europe, Middle East and Africa markets. The company has acquired BSCI along with other certifications such as ISO accreditation, RoHS conformance and also TUV approval thus showing its dedication to quality standards globally. Tireless focus on innovation by Tysum coupled with customer satisfaction makes it an ideal choice for companies seeking reliable and effective solutions for dust collection problems.

Unmatched Production and Supply Chain

What distinguishes Tysum from other companies in the industrial dust collector industry is its production and supply chain capabilities. Five advanced factories occupying 10,000 square meters of space give Tysum a strong manufacturing network. To enhance control and efficiency in the production process, every factory has specialized departments for sheet metal cutting, welding, spraying and assembly.

Having spent more than twenty years on the market, Tysum has completed over ten thousand projects successfully and served more than five hundred customers from thirty countries. They offer various customization options for original equipment manufacturers who operate within diverse domains like pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, mining as well as concrete processing.

They have over 200 production units across their factories along with a skilled team of more than ten technicians that enable them to efficiently manage large-scale productions. Their baghouse collectors or cartridge collectors dedicated to dust collection comply with strict global standards of NFPA, MSHA, OSHA for high quality performance and safety. Flexible supply chain management is one of the great powers of Tysum, where digital and information driven systems are employed to minimize stock outs while improving operational efficiencies.

Tysum remains an influential leader in the industrial dust collector sector, because it possesses considerable experience, sophisticated facilities and strategic supply chain management skills.

High-Performance and Reliable Products

Tysum’s industrial dust collectors deliver exceptional performance and reliability, thus making them a coveted choice in the market.

  • High Dust Removal Efficiency: This ensures 99% fine dust removal for cleaner industrial environment and safety.

  • Versatility: It also addresses various types of particulate matter contamination. Industries like mining, metalworking, welding, laser cutting, grinding, blasting, sandblasting, food processing, powder spraying and chemical manufacturing are appropriate for this filter.

  • High Performance: It has adjustable flexibility to meet different conditions of use depending on the amount of dust concentration or air velocity that might be there at any given time.

  • Extended Life: There are advanced technologies incorporated into it which make it serve for long periods. The materials used are premium ones including Q235 carbon steel and different types of stainless steel grades for equipment casing as well as filter media from reputable brands such as Bidafu® and Toray®.

  • Low Maintenance: They incorporate branded electrical parts such as Siemens®, ABB®, Schneider® among others that aid in quick supply of spares whenever needed urgently.

  • Compliance: It satisfies strict requirements on dust emission set by different nations thereby conforming to environmental norms.

  • Low Noise: Baghouse dust collectors equipped with remarkable motors that produce minimum sound levels hence contributing to a more comfortable working place for employees.

  • Certifications: Tysum holds certifications include BSCI, ISO, RoHS and TUV certificates. Tysum is committed to quality and safety.

In conclusion, Tysum’s high performance reliable dust collectors backed with high class technical knowhow alongside top notch materials provide a solution to many industrial process needs.

Standardized Production Process

Tysum’s all-inclusive production process is aimed at achieving the best quality and performance standards for their industrial dust collectors.

  • Step 1: Metal Sheets Cutting – Using laser cutting machines for precision and speed.

  • Step 2: Computer Numerical Control Bending – Forming parts to conform to design specifications accurately.

  • Step 3: Assembly and Welding – Qualified technicians carry out welding and assembly processes that ensure strength, integrity, and durability of the product.

  • Step 4: Surface Finishing – Polishing and coating the components for improved sturdiness against harsh industrial surroundings

  • Step 5: Final Assembly – Fitting together all parts and making the dust collector ready for testing.

In order to ascertain compliance with strict quality principles, Tysum performs extensive examination on assembled units throughout its entire facilities.

  • Flow Measurement: These verify that a given equipment has achieved required air flow rates by utilizing advanced airflow meters.

  • Noise Testing: Checking if noise levels meet industry standards using noise detectors

  • Leak Detection: Undertaking careful checks to establish any possible leaks in the system

  • Setting up of Control Systems: Programming control systems within technical requirements so as to optimize performance accordingly

To confirm that each unit is functioning properly, accompanied by approval of all stated conditions from each component being tested last. Hence thorough testing procedures guarantee consistent effective operation in different industries where these dust collectors are used by Tysum. That great concentration on every step of the production process underlines Tysum’s dedication towards quality assurance and customer satisfaction.

Superior Product Design and Customization

It is this sort of dedication to superior product design and customization that sets Tysum apart from other companies in the industrial dust collector market. They are inclined towards understanding each client’s unique requirements so as to deliver solutions that are tailor made and thus provide optimal performance and efficiency.

  • Design & Engineering: The company’s in-house engineers work closely with clients to suggest the most appropriate machines and designs based on project specifications. By using this approach, they ensure that every single technical requirement is met such as performance expectations. Drafting and engineering processes are handled by engineers themselves, thereby tightly controlling projects for quick delivery. Tysum’s ability to release a demo as fast as one day demonstrates how efficient and responsive they can be to their clients’ needs.

  • Tailor-made Solutions: With vast experience across a number of industries, Tysum knows the various applications’ demands. Their range of custom-made air filtration solutions has been designed with an understanding of the specific emission requirements for dust removal and filtration equipment from its target market. This ensures that each solution is tailored specifically for addressing distinct problems associated with the type of industry the customer belongs to.

Tysum’s emphasis on personalization goes beyond mere adherence to technical specifications. They seek to improve energy consumption and regulatory compliance at their customers’ sites. By relying on extensive industrial know-how coupled with top-notch engineering capabilities, Tysum provides air filters which not only operate very well but also result in environmental sustainability including productivity within their customer’s enterprises. It shows commitment to great product design customization through making clear that Tysum remains an epitome in this respect regarding its role as a leader among industrial dust collector manufacturers.

Exceptional Technical Support and Service

The commitment of Tysum to customer satisfaction is extended beyond the sale of their products. They provide exceptional technical support and service thereby ensuring that their clients have the help they need to keep their activities going smoothly. Their team of technicians will respond to any concerns within 24 hours, offering quick and efficient solutions.

All of Tysum’s dust collectors come with a two-year guarantee, with 12 month cover for wear parts. Such a warranty protection combined with fast replacement of worn-out parts enables customers to maintain their machines as long as practicable without any downtime. The company’s engineers are always on hand to offer immediate assistance which reinforces the company’s devotion to customer service.

Moreover, they give additional backing for the main components in all machines which gives peace of mind in knowing that one has a reliable and responsive partner. This comprehensive customer service coupled with high-quality goods makes Tysum an ideal choice when it comes industrial dust collection solution providers.

Choose Tysum for Your Dust Collection Needs

Tysum is the number one option for industrial dust collection solutions due to their expertise, quality products and exceptional service. Tysum is an innovative and reliable partner with a proven track record, advanced technologies and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Contact Tysum now to get more about their products so that they can help you have cleaner and safer environments.

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