Senpex Technology Launches Intuitive New Mobile App to Provide a Streamlined Last-Mile Delivery Experience to a Wide Range of Users

Senpex Technology Launches Intuitive New Mobile App to Provide a Streamlined Last-Mile Delivery Experience to a Wide Range of Users

San Jose, CA – July 9, 2024 – Senpex Technology, a logistics and delivery service that utilizes groundbreaking technology to provide the fastest and most efficient last-mile delivery resource for businesses, announced today the release of an updated mobile app that gives users access to its comprehensive suite of logistics services in an enhanced, user-friendly interface.

“Customers seeking last-mile logistics services in the modern marketplace have complex needs that demand a comprehensive suite of services,” says Anar Mammadov, co-founder and CEO of Senpex Technologies. “They need to be able to do much more than simply select a drop-off or pick-up. They want extra services, such as specialized vehicles or set-up upon delivery. Senpex understands that, so we are giving them a convenient and intelligent way to access those services.”

Senpex’s new app combines the insights gained from extensive customer feedback with the decades of experience the company has with developing technology to deliver an unparalleled solution to last-mile delivery needs. The app focuses on providing the three most popular logistics requests Senpex receives: last-mile, commercial moving, and nationwide. With each option, users are guided through an easy-to-navigate interface that allows them to provide an expanded list of details. No detail is overlooked by Senpex, which means every delivery, whether it is sent across town or across the country, can be processed with excellence.

“Prior to this update, our clients had to visit our website to gain access to the full suite of Senpex services,” Mammadov explains. “Now, they can gain access to an enhanced number of options via the app. If they need a larger vehicle or extra delivery helpers to facilitate large items, they can easily request it through the app. From pricing a pickup to confirming a delivery, everything can be done from wherever you are via the app.”

The new Senpex app also offers enhanced efficiency by enabling users to receive a detailed quote for the services they need before entering any personal information or establishing an account. Once an account is established, the app allows users to keep track of their “in progress,” “completed,” and “repetitive” orders with a simple tap. If issues occur, users can use the app to connect with a driver or customer support representative. 

Essentially, Senpex’s new app provides every user with their own personal shipping expert. Mammadov anticipates the app will be welcomed by B2B shippers, whose logistics needs are more complicated.

“Most businesses look to mobile services for basic deliveries, but shift to more cumbersome browser-based interfaces when things get complicated,” Mammadov shares. “With the new Senpex app, you can stay mobile for everything — no matter how complicated — and once you place a delivery order, the app keeps you continuously updated on your progress. Shippers no longer need to sit at their desks waiting for news that their delivery is complete. The Senpex app keeps them conveniently informed wherever they are, showing real-time tracking and live notifications.”

Last-mile logistics is one of the most in-demand and costly services in today’s global marketplace, with e-commerce needs driving the volume of deliveries higher on a daily basis. Senpex was established in 2017 to provide a more reliable and cost-effective solution for the growing number of businesses seeking to provide on-demand delivery. One of the keys to Senpex’s success has been leveraging the power of technology to bring heightened levels of efficiency to delivery routing, customer service, and driver management automation.

The new Senpex International app is now available for free download in all major app stores in both Android and IOS versions.

About Senpex

Senpex is an on-demand delivery platform specialized in providing last-mile logistics services via mobile apps, All-in-One Smart Portal, and Advanced Senpex API — a customized integrated delivery option that automates logistics needs and helps businesses scale businesses to new locations. Senpex’s AI-based framework enables its technology to deploy a unique set of custom parameters for each corporate client, providing personalized solutions that make shipping more affordable and convenient for businesses of all sizes.

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