Revolutionary AI-based Crop Disease & Soil Testing App Launched by Blu Cocoon Digital

Revolutionary AI-based Crop Disease & Soil Testing App Launched by Blu Cocoon Digital

Breakthrough in Soil Testing.

In a groundbreaking development for the agricultural sector, A Kolkata Based Research and Software Company Blu cocoon Digital has introduced an innovative AI-based app that revolutionizes early detection disease of disease in crops, soil testing for farmers and keeping a tab on toxicity exposure. This state-of-the-art application offers instant toxicity, crop disease detection and soil testing with an impressive accuracy rate. The app, which is set to save both time and money for farmers, promises to enhance efficiency in agricultural practices significantly. 

A Game-Changer for Indian Agriculture 

The newly launched app stands out for its ability to quickly and accurately analyse, crop images and soil samples, providing crucial information that can help farmers make informed decisions about their crop management and crop rotation.  

The instant feedback on crop health, soil health and toxicity levels allows farmers to address issues promptly, ensuring better crop yields and reducing the risk of soil degradation. 

How It Works and Its Benefits

Farmers can easily use the app by submitting crop images, soil samples through a user-friendly interface. The app employs advanced AI algorithms to deliver precise results, which will become even more accurate as more farmers participate and contribute data. This collective data gathering helps refine the AI’s capabilities, ultimately improving the accuracy and reliability of soil testing over time. 

“This is a big boon for the farmers, with little effort now farmers will know more about their farm, soil and toxicity, which will help them decide the remediation activities to be taken up. Our efforts and R & D is going on to get more features and get more production for farmers in India and World over,” says Mr Shantanu Bhattacharya, the Managing Director & CEO of Blu Cocoon Digital. 

“We will be launching it worldwide very soon. However, first we want to give it to the Indian farmers,” Bhattacharya adds. 

Call for Participation: 

The app is Free for Early Users. Blu Cocoon Digital invites farmers to be part of the initial testing phase. The app is free for the first 1,000 farmers or for those who submit their samples before the end of the month. This early adoption phase is crucial for enhancing the app’s functionality and ensuring it meets the diverse needs of India’s agricultural community. 

Looking Ahead:

Enhanced Features in the Pipeline Further research and development are underway to introduce even more advanced features within the next three months. The app, which boasts patented technology, is expected to set new standards in agricultural innovation. 

About Blu Cocoon Digital:

Blu Cocoon Digital is a Kolkata based company that specializes in agricultural innovation using AI and advanced technologies, aiming to help farmers increase their produce, protect their crops, and ensure soil health. This latest invention is a testament to their commitment to advancing agricultural practices through cutting-edge technology. Farmers are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to participate in the testing phase and contribute to a brighter future for Indian agriculture. 

Blu Cocoon Digital has used niche technologies across different Industry verticals and has built innovative solutions.


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