Corona Virus Pandemic Has Uncovered Need for More Robust Home Detox

Corona Virus Pandemic Has Uncovered Need for More Robust Home Detox

Chain of addiction rehab centres in Canada is advocating for more robust home detox services, particularly in the wake of a global pandemic that has brought to surface the complexities of outpatient detoxification.

Recent publication of findings from Statistics Canada’s Canadian Wastewater Survey from across five major Canadian cities, has revealed a concerning increase in substance consumption since the beginning of the pandemic. The report also suggests that this increase can be an important contributor to the spike in overdose-related deaths recorded in the past years.

A representative for Addiction Rehab Centres Canada, an organization committed to ensuring that anyone suffering from addiction has access to the help they need, has addressed these recent findings, ‘Since the start of the pandemic, we have been incessantly working to find effective solutions for the patients we already had and their concerns, and equally, consider the external environment and how lockdowns, restrictions, and isolations will have a knock on effect both on those seeking help, and those struggling and turning to drugs and alcohol to escape and cope’.

Home detox is an alternative to residential detox programs and represents one of the first steps of any rehab program. ‘Home detox fills a critical gap in treatment, particularly during the pandemic. With the right medical support in place, it is a preferred option for those who have concerns about being in a physical institution or who prefer the comfort of their own home. The withdrawal phase is not easy but it is such an important step towards people gaining some sense of control over their substance abuse. This is why, wherever medically-advisable, any individual’s preference over outpatient detoxification should be a key consideration when deciding the treatment course’, the spokesperson has added.

The organization wanted to raise awareness of the advantages associated with home detox in particular for those living with underlying health conditions who are anxious of the possibility of contracting the virus. Moreover, ongoing research has pointed out that people with substance use tend to get infected with the corona virus more often. In light of this evidence, Addiction Rehab Centres Canada is advocating for more robust home detox programs across all Canadian centers, whether private or public in order to establish processes that are inclusive, integrated and supportive and help fight escalating addiction rates across the country.

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