Edson Richards’ New Book Will Motivate Readers To Take Charge of Their Lives and Feed Their Faith

The author believes success can be achieved through the power of believing in one’s actions producing results

A fundamental part of the human experience and struggle is faith: in God, in oneself, or the people around. Impact Leadership with Edson Richards, CPA (now available on Amazon), demonstrates to its readers the power of activating faith and leveraging it towards living a life of meaning and success. The experiences of the author and his words of wisdom will show readers not only the importance of faith but how to make use of it in their lives.

Edson Richards, CPA, was born on the beautiful Caribbean Island of Antigua and moved to the United States to pursue higher education. He has built a career in business spanning over fifteen years. After earning a BA in Accounting, Edson worked for two of the largest public accounting firms. There, he obtained his license as a Certified Public Accountant while working on audits for many large public and private firms. He is currently the owner and CEO of Blueprint Financial Services LLC, a firm specializing in individual and corporate accounting and tax. Edson loves to help others and is a teacher at heart. His goal is to teach others how to take charge of their minds so that they can live richer, more fulfilled lives — the path towards which, he claims, everyone has the ability to create for themselves: “I learned that one of the precious gifts human beings possess is that we can be our own physicians, our own guides in starting the work of healing our minds to change our course towards the path of happiness and fulfillment.”

Edson first emphasizes the importance of forgiveness as the first step towards becoming the best version of oneself. He then goes on to share four steps to activate one’s faith:

1. Design a clear, written vision of who one wishes to become.
2. Set specific, time-based goals.
3. Build faith around one’s vision and goals (from steps one and two).
4. Take action!

Following this, Edson identifies obstacles that may come in the way as one activates their faith, and he provides readers with the necessary tools to overcome them.

Impact Leadership with Edson Richards, CPA, not only points out issues and obstacles to one’s success but lays down practical advice and wisdom backed by experience that will teach readers to forgive themselves, build and activate their faith, overcome obstacles, and live their best life.

Ryan C. Lowe, a motivational speaker, trainer & coach, and author of Get off Your Attitude, tells readers why they must read Edson’s words: “The inspiring ideas Edson shares in this chapter are dynamic and life-changing! Read this chapter from beginning to end, put his principles into practice, and begin to see a positive breakthrough in your life!”

Mr. Tamill Acker, owner and CEO of Acker Holdings Inc., gives a beautiful testimony to Edson’s drive to teach his clients: “There’s an old saying that the best compliment a person can receive is a referral to a friend or family member. When I think about the work that Edson has done for my family and my business, this old saying comes to mind. I’m constantly telling everyone I know about his willingness to educate his clients on their personal or business tax matters. His words in this book are consistent with the person I know, and they will assist you in getting energized to tackle your goals. A must-read!”

Impact Leadership with Edson Richards, CPA, is now for sale on Amazon.

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