Spring 2022 release of a must-read mystery novel with elements of forensic science: Where the Blood is Made (Book 3 of the Sebastien Grey Series)

Ryburn Dobbs, author of the acclaimed Sebastien Grey series, has announced the forthcoming spring release of the third installment, Where the Blood is Made. The attention to fine details sets this series apart as a nuanced story that imbues the classical traditions of the mystery genre with the most fascinating aspects of forensic science.

The series follows the life of Dr. Sebastien Grey, a brilliant forensic anthropologist with avoidant personality disorder. Drawn by a murder and the chance to reconcile with his estranged brother, Sebastien travels from San Francisco to the Black Hills of South Dakota to investigate the victims of a brutal biker gang in The Comfort of Distance. Sebastien chooses to stay, teaming up with a detective in The Boxwood Torso to solve a cold case and uncover the dark secret of a local wealthy family. In the third book, Sebastien unwittingly puts his life on the line when he takes a private case for a real estate developer.

The Sebastien Grey series is perfect for fans of Tana French and Kate Atkinson. Reviewers describe Dobb’s writing as “eloquent” and The Comfort of Distance as an “intriguing and informative storyline.” Although Where the Blood is Made abides by many conventions of mystery and crime fiction, each novel also incorporates elements of romance and a more literary narrative style.

The author shares several similarities with Dr. Sebastien Grey, including nearly two decades of experience working as a forensic anthropologist. Although the cases in the series are fictionalized, they’re based on real-life scenarios that Dobbs encountered in the field. This lends an authentic flavor to the story, adding a truly inimitable depth that immerses the reader in each crime.

Dobbs hopes that his work will dispel stereotypes about mental illness and show that avoidant personality disorder doesn’t limit a person’s natural talents. Instead, Sebastien is portrayed as a strong, capable lead with an unmatched analytical mind. While mental health issues are just as real as any physical sickness, Where the Blood is Made depicts mental illness as a single factor in the life of a multifaceted main character.

The Comfort of Distance and The Boxwood Torso are available for purchase on Amazon.com or wherever books are sold. Where the Blood is Made is scheduled for release in spring 2022.

Before becoming an author, Ryburn Dobbs taught biological anthropology and forensic anthropology at several colleges throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and consulted on dozens of death investigations. In addition to his anthropological pursuits, Dobbs also worked as an investigative analyst specializing in homicides and unsolved cases.

Visit him online at https://ryburndobbs.com.

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