Wisecroft Capital Management Looks to Continue Outperforming Expectations

Wise Croft Capital Management was able to capitalize on 2021’s market conditions, demonstrating a return of 36.9% in FY21 and outperforming their average annual rate of return of 28.3% over the past 6 years on their legacy portfolio.

The North American capital markets themselves enjoyed a brilliant 2021 irrespective of adverse variables such as the pandemic and record inflation. The markets look strong going into 2022 despite a recent pullback largely resulting from the Omicron variant. 

Managing partner Chase Cohen, said “It has been a volatile couple of years in the capital markets. To outperform key benchmarks moving forward one has to be proactive with their investment strategy, the days of investing into funds and checking your portfolio performance once a year for an annual review are over. Market conditions are changing so fast, asset allocation strategy should anticipate rather than react to market conditions. We outperformed the market because we have a team of experts with decades of experience understanding correlations between economic factors like inflation, currency debasement and how they will affect a multi asset portfolio. This allows us to build a well-rounded conservative portfolio, while having a constant steam of data permitting us to maneuver in the markets effectively.

For 2022 key concerns I see for continued economic recovery and growth include the effectiveness of current vaccines against new variants, as well as quarantines, US and Russian tensions in relation to Ukraine, and other geopolitical factors that are disruptive to economic recovery and supply chains. The market appears to have priced in these concerns, and investor sentiment remains high going into 2022, making US markets poised to remain positive (…) and allowing us, Wise Croft Capital Management to continue to go from strength to strength.”

Wisecroft Capital Management is a global leader in proving advice, consultation and research in the financial industry. With decades of experience in the financial industry providing dedicated advice to our clients and committing to making a real difference in the financial industry Wisecroft Capital Management has grown considerably in size and diversity, with clients in over 100 countries and territories.

For additional information on Wisecroft Capital Management, please visit their website at https://www.wisecroft.com/.

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