SmartScout Uncovers How Much Big Brands Are Spending On Amazon Advertising & Reveals Which Products Are The Best To Sell Online

SmartScout Uncovers How Much Big Brands Are Spending On Amazon Advertising & Reveals Which Products Are The Best To Sell Online
As the online marketplace of sellers becomes more saturated, many unsure where to even start. Choosing the right brand and product to represent is the most important decision to be made. SmartScout is a unique software tool that shows revenue and market share across the million+ brands and sellers. It helps sellers decide what works and what does not.

Logan, UT – Feb 16th, 2022 – SmartScout has officially announced this week the launch of their feature-rich tool that will help Amazon sellers identify the perfect products to sell, while also ensuring that they make the most profit available within that niche of products. SmartScout is the only tool that shows users the top performing products in any niche, streamlining the process of choosing which products to sell. The data provided allows users to see what’s working on Amazon, and how to make it perform even better.

Amazon recently reported that advertising is a $31b dollar business. Smaller brands and white-labels often get beat out by huge spending budgets from the big brands, but with the right set of data, smaller brands can quickly capitalize on the bigger brands out-of-control spending. Among the top spenders, well known brands seem to be doing quite a bit. Huggies, HP, Duracell, Gatorade. There’s also a healthy mix of Amazon native brands. Some brands are not advertising in all easily available spots, and this is where SmartScout helps sellers win over the advantage. See how much the big brands are spending here.

SmartScout is able to pull data from multiple sources including top search terms from Amazon’s brand analytics, Estimate Cost Per Click from Amazon’s Advertising API, click-through rate from hundreds of advertising campaigns, and more. SmartScout data ties all Amazon products back to the brand, and they use the SmartScout AdSpy to check top search terms and find the brand/products win percentage. The amount of data available with SmartScout makes it a “must-have” tool for sellers looking to capitalize in the Amazon marketplace.

During a recent interview, the company spokesperson for SmartScout was quoted as saying, “We are happy to introduce to the market what we believe is the most advanced tool for Amazon sellers. SmartScout is great for online Arbitrage software, private label sellers and wholesalers. It quickly shows which products are the best to sell, where they should be advertised for the best ROI, and will help sellers to identify the most wholesale-friendly brands and the products that they offer. The data sets that we are able to provide are best in class, and in the right hands, can help sellers tremendously.”

Danny Stock, a 6-figure Online Arbitrage Amazon Seller was recently quoted as saying, “I’ve built software myself, and I’ve sold products on Amazon for several years through both retail and online arbitrage. So, I’ve probably looked at or tried more than 100 different Amazon research tools. And even after all that, I can easily say that I’ve never seen anything like SmartScout.”

Amazon wholesale and private label product research used to be difficult and time consuming. Find out how SmartScout helps Amazon sellers increase their ROI, quickly. Visit their official website at

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