MIDOS Development Group Announces Expansion In Los Angeles Region As Their Ability To Keep Development In-House Has Them Beating Out Competition

MIDOS Development Group Announces Expansion In Los Angeles Region As Their Ability To Keep Development In-House Has Them Beating Out Competition
While most land developers must subcontract out the majority, if not all of the work, MIDOS Development is able to deliver projects on-time and under budget thanks to their ability to keep their work in-house. Their large team of experts has consistently delivered stunning projects to their many clients in the Los Angeles region.

North Hollywood, CA – Feb 16th, 2022 – MIDOS Development Group has officially announced their expansion that has the Los Angeles real estate community abuzz. After years of construction and development on behalf of their clients, they are now embracing the direct-to-consumer model, which will allow retail clients to work with them directly, as well as allow them to develop multi-family for themselves. Their expertise in both real estate, general construction and building truly puts them in a class of their own. While other L.A. land developers need to subcontract much, if not all, of the actual development process, driving up costs and timelines, MIDOS’s team has the resources, personnel, and experience to complete projects in a more cost-effective and efficient way.

As a successful construction company turned real estate developer, their uniqueness largely stems from their extensive construction background, where their internal team has successfully completed hundreds of construction projects throughout the Los Angeles region. With over 100 units currently in development, their expertise, control and unbridled access to tradesmen makes it much easier for them to turn their creatives ideas into reality. As the cost of real estate surges in places like L.A., many residents find it difficult to afford housing, and the need for beautiful apartment buildings has only increased.

The founders of MIDOS Development were born and raised in Los Angeles, which gives them the ability to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of the area, and allows them to better serve the region. Their insight into what works and what does not is one of the main factors that propelled their construction company to the top of the game in Los Angeles. They are working to assist with the housing crisis and to help L.A. neighborhoods into the housing of the future.

One of the founders, David Hirsch, has a tech and marketing background, and has a unique understanding of scaling processes while maintaining quality and results. He shifted that experience to construction and has been a driving force behind MIDOS and the successful completion of hundreds of construction projects.

Another MIDOS partner, Jake Heller, well-known in the L.A. area, has a long-time real estate background, with his father being a successful L.A. real estate developer. Jake Heller was quoted as saying, “MIDOS has a way of identifying the unique elements of local communities and executing on projects that support its growth. People need an affordable place to live, where they can feel safe and secure, and where they can interact with the surrounding community.”  He continued, “At MIDOS, we are strategically bringing ideas to reality and building sustainable apartment communities for residents to experience.”   

MIDOS has recently been exploding in activity, with over 100 units currently in development in some of the best areas in LA, including Silverlake and Koreatown, and have plans to bring 10 more multi-family development projects to market in 2022. Learn more about MIDOS Development Group by visiting their official website at https://www.midosdevelopment.com

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