Enhancing the level of security, Serious Security now offers the wireless alarm system by Hikvision

The latest Wireless Alarm Systems offered by Serious Security introduces the next level of home security. This straightforward, yet efficient and robust security system secures the premise by several folds. The Hikvision AX Pro is an ideal, all-in-one home safety solution for all.

Australia – Being one of the leading residential security solution providers in Australia, Serious Security aims to introduce the latest technology. By providing the customers with the most contemporary solutions, Serious Security retains a positive reputation. The latest addition to the company’s inventory is the Hikvision AX Pro. This setup is a wireless home security solution that delivers maximum security to homeowners.

The Hikvision AX Pro is an innovative technology that utilizes a number of sensors to detect any break-ins. This wireless system can easily be installed near windows, doors and other sensitive areas, where intrusions might occur. The Hikvision AX Pro also provides a crucial functionality of real-time video clips, where the owners can see what’s going on in their house. Additionally, this security system is scalable, meaning it can be integrated with a number of appliances within a house, hence further increasing the security level.

The installation of this wireless security system is really easy since there are no messy wires and cables. The Hikvision AX Pro consists of just a few components that can be connected to each other wirelessly. These components include the Hub, PIRCAMs, and Indoor and Outdoor Detectors; all of these units can be attached to the surface with glue or screws.

Talking about the latest security system, the Hikvision AX Pro, one of the spokespeople said: “For homeowners whose house has more than one storey, we’ve designed some straightforward wireless home alarm packages that are best suited to double-storey, multi-storey or apartment homes where no existing home cabling or pre-wiring exists.

About Serious Security:

Serious Security Cameras is an Australian-based company that provides a variety of CCTV camera surveillance alternatives for houses and other properties. The company understands that purchasing security products can be perplexing, that’s why the cooperative staff is always there to help.

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