The Cooling Products Brand, IDEAKOKO, Has Expanded To The U.S. Market

IDEAKOKO, an innovative lifestyle product developer, has launched a groundbreaking ICY Cool series of new cooling products which level up living standards.

As temperatures have risen in recent years, so has the demand for cooling products. In response to an increased demand for cooling solutions, IDEAKOKO has launched its ICY Cool Series cooling products globally. The ICY Cool products freeze at room temperature, and are easy to use and store since they don’t produce condensation water droplets while being used. 

IDEAKOKO has collaborated with world-class brands to launch its main products: the ICY Cool Neckband, the ICY Cool Pet Neckband, and the ICY Cool Mat. IDEAKOKO’s innovative cooling technology has attracted public attention and its customized products are selling globally. One notable advantage of these products is the use of materials developed by NASA which have a freezing/melting point of 28°C (82.4°F) and remain frozen at room temperature.

The products are able to be refrozen without using the freezer. The location where ICY Cool products are freezing is important because the material absorbs and retains ambient heat. Using an ICY Cool product frozen at room temperature provides a coolness around 10° C (18°F) lower than body temperature, which results in a gentle refreshing sensation. Putting the product in the refrigerator or freezer for 15 minutes achieves a coolness akin to using a traditional icepack. It is recommended to store in the refrigerator or freezer for a quicker turnaround time between uses.

ICY Cool products are different from conventional cooling products in that they can maintain coolness longer. These products are ideal for relieving hot flushes or irritation from excessive heat. The slight temperature difference between the product and body provides a gentle coolness for more than an hour, or even up to two hours depending on the external environment. 

ICY Cool products do not produce water droplets, unlike conventional cooling products. IDEAKOKO’s cooling products are suitable for a variety of applications without the worry of damaging condensation as it stays dry. When in contact with a warm surface, the material softens but will not get wet, making it safe around jewelry, clothing, or pet hair. 

The ICY Cool Neckband wraps around the entire neck. The ergonomic design falls in a straight line, rather than a circle, for efficient cooling of the neck and shoulders. It will be perfect to wear when working outside, riding a bike, exercising, yoga and even outdoor concerts or other recreational activities. 

IDEAKOKO is a leading developer of creative products that use small ideas to revolutionize existing products and create novel solutions. The cooling vest is a good example of the well-known yellow vest taken to a new level. It has a small pocket on the back, which has been transformed into a completely new cooling vest by adding IDEAKOKO’s cooling technology. With the ICY Cool cooling vest, businesses can incorporate IDEAKOKO’s technology into their existing product range while still maintaining their own brand identity.  

IDEAKOKO always considers the environment and develops sustainable products. The products are created to be used for a long time and come in recyclable packaging. It can also be purchased on

IDEAKOKO’s ICY Cool products are available for purchase on Amazon in each country.


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