Ann Arbor Apartments offering scheduled virtual tours

With the cases of COVID-19 starting to rise again across different parts of the United States, people looking to move to Ann Arbor Michigan can feel relieved as they can visit the available property virtually. “If you are out of Ann Arbor and need a rental property, we are here for you, we will arrange for a virtual tour, allowing you to keep safe at a time when the COVID-19 situation is worsening,” says the company representative while adding that the property rental company is doing its best to protect its residents and others from infection. “We are one big family at Ann Arbor Apartments and we have a responsibility of protecting one another,” added the company representative.

Physical tours have been difficult especially for people who are coming out of Ann Arbor. The property rental company in Ann Arbor has been offering its prospective residents’ scheduled virtual tours. “Virtual tours are safe for all of us, we ensure that our customers are satisfied to an extent where they can decide to take a property even without physical tour,” says the company representative while adding that virtual tours can be conveniently booked.

The company representative adds that they are available through a variety of mediums and applications. The prospective resident chooses what is applicable and convenient for them. A 24-hour notice is required for both physical and virtual tours something that the company spokesperson says gives them adequate time to prepare. “We need to have somebody in place to take our customers around the property, therefore informing us well in advance will allow us to plan accordingly,” said the company representative.

A property tour booking form is available at the Ann Arbor Apartments website where the prospective residents are required to provide details that will allow prior planning for the event. Some of the details that need to be provided include the customer name, their reliable phone number, the properties needed, the preferred dates for tours, the desired move-in dates as well as any other information that will allow for a successful property tour.

On the appointed date and time, a team member at Ann Arbor Apartments will be available to take the prospective customer around the properties. “It is important to have in place a reliable internet connection during the virtual tour to avoid disruptions during the process,” says the company representative adding that virtual tours are convenient ways through which one can secure a place to stay in Ann Arbor without the need to travel especially during a period when caution is required to avoid COVID-19 infections.

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