Korean Culture and Information Service makes open to the public the ‘Su:m, Eol, Meot’ video during the Korea Contents Week.

Korean Culture and Information Service makes open to the public the ‘Su:m, Eol, Meot’ video during the Korea Contents Week.

The third representative video ‘Meot’ was disclosed to the whole world during the Korea Contents Week, which is a representative brand for publicizing the Korean culture of the Korean Culture and Information Service of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Regarding the Korea Contents Week, as the large-sized, comprehensive, Korean culture festival that has been held intensively in 7 countries, including France, Hong Kong, the United States (LA), Kazakhstan, Russia, Vietnam, and Belgium, from October last year in order to publicize the multifarious Korean culture widely to the people of the world, the Korea Contents Week gets proceeded with 4 sections, including ‘Feeling’, ‘Participating’, ‘Meeting’, and ‘Introducing.  And, not only the diverse, local, cultural events, regarding which there had been the cooperation with 7 overseas Korean cultural centers, of course, but, also, the online contents for a wide-ranging Korean culture PR have been disclosed continuously.

Especially, from February this year, through the section ‘Feeling: Korea Contents’, while melting the five kinds of topics that represent Korean and the Koreans into the keywords of ‘wonder’, ‘breath’, ‘life’, ‘spirit’, and ‘dream’, by consecutively disclosing five representative videos that had been organized so that the foreigners can peep into the attractiveness of Korea over the door, they had led the subjects of the discussions.

The ‘Meot’ that had been disclosed this time.  The birth of the white light story is ;Su:m).  The breathing of a little master craftsman at the ends of the hands.  As the third representative video of the Korea Contents Week that continued ‘the river of all things that flows within the writings’, by obtaining the motif from ‘the white-clad race’, it has been representing the Korean beauty through the attitude of our ethnic group that had followed the light and the sky, which spouts out the lights. 

The mask and the clothes within a Meot video, in which the model Song, Hae-na had enthusiastically performed as a fair of heaven and in which the actress Lee, Go-eun had enthusiastically performed as the protagonist girl, had been in charge of by the fashion designer Hwang, Jae-geun, who had been known well for the TV programs, including ‘King of Masked Singers’, etc.  And, by making the traditional culture of Korea, including the goblin, the haetae, the monster serpent, the magic pearl, the white fox, the Sun and Moon and Five Peak, etc., appear, while delivering a story implicitly, the beauty of the video that contains the mysterious atmosphere is the best. 

The first video ‘breath’, which portrayed the appearance of a work of art that was born from the hands of three master craftsmen, including the hanbok (Korean traditional clothes) designer Kim, Dan-ha, the national, intangible, cultural asset no.128 seonjajang Kim, Dong-shik, and no.119 geumbakjang Kim, Gi-ho, getting completed by the dance of Hyoyeon of Girls’ Generation.  The second video ‘spirit’, regarding which the rapper Han, Hae had reinterpreted, in a modern way, the poems of Kim, Yeong-rang, who is the representative of the K-literature in order to publicize the Korean literature and the Korean writing (hangeul).  And, next, ‘wonder’, which had been disclosed the third can be appreciated through the official YouTube channel and the homepage (http://kocoweek.com) of the Korea Contents Week.  And the English language subtitles get supported.

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