Customized Keycaps Are Now Found Easily Sitting at Home through Artisan Keycaps’ New Website

Keyboards are now made to look cooler with unique keycap designs and Artisan Keycaps wants to spread the word by advertising it online for millions to see.

USA – The standard keyboard designs have been coming in for ages without any significant change. Used in any work done on a computer or laptop, it can get dull using the same keyboard day in and day out. Innovations have brought artisan keycaps, hand-sculpted, artistically designed keycaps for enthusiasts and those wanting to switch things up. Artisan keycap is used to replace lesser-used keys such as the Esc and Fn keys. Adding something new to the table without disrupting any of the keyboard functionalities has led it to soar in popularity throughout the world.

The company, Artisan Keycaps, has formed a website to help customers reach them and make purchases easier. The website boasts an incredible assortment of unique, individually-designed keycap categories ranging from anime keycap to plant and landscape artisan keycaps. An innovative and attractive web design, the website provides customers with all the necessary information about their keycap of choice. One available for everyone’s desires, artisan keycaps help brighten up the scenery.

Having a large variety of artisan keycaps like gaming keycap and animal keycaps, the site offers buyers a ‘Shop by Category’ option. Those who have their eyes set on a specific theme can directly jump to that section of the store. Others who are just looking around can scroll through the home page and get an idea of what artisan keycaps are and the different types Artisan Keycaps has to offer. They provide keycaps in everybody’s price range as keycaps start from $18 and can go up to $90 depending on the time and effort spent on them. More artistic and detailed keycaps will be priced higher compared to the simpler ones which have uncomplicated designs.

Going through their catalog, Artisan Keycaps displays several popular brands and companies on their keycaps. The gaming company, Invictus Gaming, and popular comic sensations, the Avengers, both have keycaps with logos on them for fans looking for something different. In the anime section, a highly visited section of the store, Artisan Keycaps has displayed designs for the longest-running anime, One Piece, childhood sensation, Pokémon, and fan favorite, Sailor Moon.

The website has also put up a blog for those looking to find out more about what artisan keycaps are. The blog titled ‘The Artisan Keycap: A Collection of Unique and Beautiful Keycaps’ is definitely an interesting read for those intrigued by this new innovation. As with all good companies, Artisan Keycaps has placed a ‘Customer Support’ option at the end. This feature is used to communicate with unsatisfied customers or any other queries buyers may have with their services.

A long-term investment for those using mechanical keyboards or hard-core gamers, these keycaps can help make work more fun and feel less hectic. 

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