Response to Media Claims of Harmful Use of Drones in Ukraine

Autel Robotics cannot confirm reports, but strongly condemns any violent use of drone technology

Washington, United States – February 25th, 2022 – Recently, there have been media reports that drones have been employed for violent attacks on people and property in areas in or near to Ukraine. We are aware that at least one unconfirmed report has mentioned an Autel Robotics drone product in this context.

Autel Robotics is unable to confirm the validity of any of these reports. We are monitoring this story, but currently we do not have any information to add to what is already available online.

Autel Robotics strongly deplores the use of any drone product to harm people or property, and we do not manufacture any product designed for such applications.

Autel Robotics manufactures consumer and enterprise drones that are strictly intended for peaceful and non-violent purposes, such as creative video and photography, surveying, traffic monitoring, search and rescue, prompt delivery of emergency supplies, surveillance, and exploration.

We have always advocated peaceful and creative uses of drone technology. Autel Robotics endeavors to educate users in safe, respectful and humane use of all its drone products, in the firm belief that this can help make a better world for all of us. The Autel Robotics website contains numerous accounts of peaceful use of drones in applications as diverse as film-making, falconry, accident reconstruction, and law enforcement.

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