PieCraft Minecraft Server – Come Craft A Slice

PieCraft Minecraft Server - Come Craft A Slice

PieCraft is a community-driven 1.18 Minecraft server that is looking for more players to expand their growing community.

The spawn area is built into an attractive cave which consists of a shopping district, community enchanting area, end portal, custom villagers- that sell decorative mini blocks, a graveyard for banned players, and a temple which houses details of any running contests on the server.

They aim to provide a home for like-minded mature Minecraft addicts who are looking for a Hermitcraft-esque experience.

The server started towards the end of December 2021 so is still relatively new and they don’t plan on resetting for 1.19 but instead, expanding the existing map.

Server Info:

Version: 1.18.1

Software: Purpur

Server Location: Germany

Discord Link: http://discord.io/piecrafters

The server runs on a dedicated Ryzen 9 5950X CPU with 12GB of RAM to make game play as smooth as possible.

Backups are made 3 times per day to ensure minimal work is lost should something go wrong and the server resets twice daily to keep things running smoothly.

Some of our server features & datapacks Include: 1-player sleep, No Creeper Grief, No Enderman Grief, Armoured Elytra, Dragon Drops Elytra, Double Shulker Shells, Silence Mobs, Fast Leaf Decay, More Mob Heads, Player Head Drops, Proximity voice chat, Coordinates HUD, No bats, DynMap, as well as a  few quality of life custom recipes.

There are dedicated mining areas for sand, terracotta and gravel which are reset as needed.

They also have a community enderman farm for easy XP.

If you are interested in joining PieCraft, head on over to their discord and start the short application process.

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