Beyond Earth Online – An NFT Powered MMORPG is set to make a mark in the world of Play and Earn Games

BEO is a top-down PvP focused Massively MultiPlayer Online game powered by NFT technology on Polygon Blockchain.

United States – NFT powered games are becoming a big craze with the underlying promise of unlimited entertainment and money. Blockchain users are enticed about their potential, which is evident from the growing number of players who spend significant time playing these games. ‘Beyond Earth Online’ is a promising next-generation play to earn MMORPG that is set to turn heads with its unique features and offerings.

Beyond Earth Online lets players go on epic adventures, fight each other in galactic battles, explore the unique worlds, and have true ownership of their game assets. BEO has the traditional elements of roleplay and exploration, which are the most exciting elements players love about MMORPGs. What differentiates BEO from its peers is that it has combined these with play to earn mechanics of blockchain technology, thus making it the first of its kind in this segment.

“If you are looking for a strange world that is full of surprises, ‘Beyond Earth Online’ is your go-to NFT MMORPG,” says Andi Rutz, Producer of Beyond Earth Online. “It is a feature-rich game with various game modes and levels, where players get to work on a plethora of in-game missions.”

Built on Polygon Blockchain, BEO combines DeFi and NFT, focusing on an economy-driven game format. BEO is a perfect game for the current blockchain and NFT boom, where players are required to strategically plan their resources, items, characters, and formation to maximize their gains.

BEO is fueled by their $GTT token. Galactic Travel Token ($GTT) is an ERC-20 token that powers BEO, as well as other projects in the game’s ecosystem. By creating multiple experiences where players can earn and spend $GTT, players have a much stronger incentive to return and explore different games based on their playstyle preferences, while still earning. This further drives distribution and value of the token, aligns incentives, and rewards players.

The world of BEO is a dangerous place. It’s the wild west all over again, where resources are scarce but coveted. Lands are pillaged and towns are raided in skirmishes to prove who is the evilest of all. But there are also many stories to be told and countless places to be explored.

The Beyond Earth ecosystem is designed so players have total control of market trends. Player crafted items, bounties, services, collected resources, and $GTT are all tradeable and sellable in the Galactic Marketplace. The characters, Pets, Vehicles, and Vessels among other things on BEO are unique one-of-a-kind NFT collectibles.

In the game’s metaverse, the real estate promises a lot of exciting avenues and options to explore and own. It takes the form of worlds, cities and unexplored landscapes. Players will be able to acquire whole planets that yield passive resources, cities that yield taxes, land plots that can be built on, or spaces that can earn $GTT when rented. Owning a property will give users an NFT of ownership along with a set of NFT keys. These keys will allow users to rent the units in a property for $GTT. Some forms of land can tax its citizens and yield true passive income from just governing. Planet ownership comes with resource ownership which will be extracted passively and given to its owner. These resources can be sold or used for crafting. All forms of properties can be sold via the Galactic Marketplace.

BEO’s Crew system allows players and investors to profit from their character without having to log into the game. It was designed for those who wish to play passively, invest and earn with BEO’s systems. It is an external play-mode governed by staking NFT characters on the blockchain. Staked characters can go on autonomous missions outside the game that require no playing. They can be mercenaries for hire that other players can send on missions and share the bounty. Successfully completing these missions can earn in-game resources for crafting or to sell in the Galactic Marketplace, or $GTT. Staked characters will also serve as in-game crew members in the starships and as combat companions.

Some of the influential NFT community Characters have joined the BEO metaverse to provide players with amazing quest lines and unique locations to visit. BEO will grow as its community grows. New collections and burning systems will power the universe giving it new life in a unique way only NFT technology can achieve.

The universe of BEO will house many resources and treasures. Trading will always be driven by the players. The value and scarcity will be dictated by the demand and burning mechanisms governed by the player community.

BEO offers a unique framework that transforms gamers’ playtime into an excellent and useful source of revenue. Providing straightforward yet engaging gameplay that combines free-to-play and play-to-earn models, BEO harnesses NFT usability through staking, item ownership, and the creation of real-world value via in-game items.

BEO has partnered up with popular NFT collections that have active communities. Amongst them are Beluga Bay and Cranky Critters. They are also in talks with Crypto Mories and others. BEO will add the partner’s NFT characters to its race characters. The characters will be playable only by holders of their nfts. Using BEO’s play with your NFT system, players from these communities will be able to use their NFTs in a 3D space.

“BEO is designed to thrill the online gaming community by offering smarter combat, intricate strategy, and a deep progression system,” remarks Andy. “The detailed level design, challenging missions, epic characters, and unique NFT-based reward system are some of the features that will make BEO stand out in the ever-growing number of MMORPG games.”

The team at BEO leverages the best features that blockchain and NFT can offer to give you the best integration of economy and entertainment ensuring a unique gaming experience. BEO is being released as a cross-platform game that is available on both Windows and Mac.

For more information about Beyond Earth Online and other inquiries, reach out via email or visit the website.

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