TangPayments has worked with several retail businesses

There is a natural barrier between the crypto world and the real world: cryptocurrencies are too volatile to make it difficult to be truly applied in real life. New Zealand investment firm TANG INVESTMENT LIMITED has launched a blockchain app called TangPayments; TangPayments is trying to solve the problem.

TangPayments introduces blockchain technology into traditional payment scenarios such as e-commerce and retail, so that ordinary people have unknowingly interacted with the Web3 economy. This is also the huge potential of TangPayments. By incorporating encryption applications into the daily financial needs of ordinary people, TangPayments may have the largest user volume in the crypto field in the future.

TangPayments has worked with several retail businesses

What is a TangPayments?

TangPayments, an app that can buy goods and services directly using cryptocurrencies, is the first landing app for the Web3.0 platform TANG.TANG’s underlying design covers the anti-censorship technology, encryption communication technology and integrates the long-term feasible decentralization model, these advantages will be reflected on TangPayments, TangPayments is a transparent, secure, reliable encryption applications, users when buying goods need not worry about personal information leakage or property theft. Users can use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Lytecoin to buy daily necessities directly.

TangPayments uses a blockchain technology to build a unique underlying architecture that allows it to build systems by changing the payment experience to escape the limitations of traditional payments, allowing users in all countries and regions around the world to experience safer, faster and more efficient transactions.

TangPayments has worked with a number of retail companies

In a series of interviews in the Times, small businesses such as electric bicycle retailers, shoe brands and financial technology startups have all expressed their belief in cryptocurrencies as corporate assets. While Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments represent only a small percentage of their total sales, they say it is a growing and valuable service. According to a recent TangPayments survey, 57 percent of respondents said receiving encrypted payments would give companies a competitive advantage. Among other prominent statistics, more than a third of businesses reported that customers demanded payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other cryptocurrencies.

TangPayments believes that promoting companies to receive encrypted payments is something significant, which could change the existing payment system. Members of the TangPayments team told the media that, TangPayments has a vision of “meeting all your consumer needs in cryptocurrencies.” Now we have reached deep cooperation with a number of large enterprises, TangPayments’s API helps businesses to integrate multiple payment options, One-stop through the local payment gateway, cryptocurrency wallet, wire transfer, carrier withholding and PayPal and other payment channels, For enterprises to save a lot of time and network engineering costs, At the same time, TangPayments has low fees and an extremely fast settlement process.

At present, more than 1,000 enterprises have chosen to reach ecological cooperation with TangPayments, and Starbucks, McDonald, KFC, Uber, asos, amazon, and pepsi are all TangPayments customers. In terms of compliance issues, TangPayments is an encryption app launched by New Zealand company TANG INVESTMENT LIMITED, registered in New Zealand and regulated by the New Zealand government.

TangPayments has worked with several retail businesses

TangPayments’s core philosophy is to simplify complex and abstract problems. TangPayments first receives cryptocurrency payments at the front end, then transforms them into stablecoin in the background, and then transfers them to the corporate accounts of its partners in the form of fiat currencies in different regions.

An American consumer who paid $5 for a cup of coffee chose to pay through the BTC. By BTC, The B T C deducted from her TangPayments account balance will become a stablecoin worth $5 in the TangPayments’s processing system, and then seamlessly transferred the stablecoin to partner merchants in the form of dollars through blockchain.

That’s how amazing about TangPayments: it makes ordinary people unknowingly interact with the Web3 economy.Most target users of the public chain are encryption aboriginal or people interested in encryption secondary investment. TangPayments introduces ordinary users outside the encryption world into their own system. In the whole process, they do not need to contact the blockchain or encryption, which is a great attempt in the encryption world!

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